Welcome to the SEND team

Ms Black

Assistant Head Teacher and SENDco

email:- senco@tewkesbury-primary.co.uk

Mrs Wiggins

Assistant SENDco and Pastoral Care

email:- jwiggins@tewkesbury-primary.co.uk


What should parents/ carers do if they think that their child has SEND or would like to discuss needs?
Initially it is always best to talk to the child’s teacher first as every teacher and teaching assistant is a teacher of SEND. The class teacher is responsible for keeping records on your child, creating action plans if needed, organise and run Wave 2 interventions and track their children’s progress, therefore is able to discuss in detail and explain what specific areas and targets your child is working on. If you have concerns they can be discussed either at termly Parent’s Evenings, myplan review or by arranging another formal appointment. (Teachers regularly liaise with our special needs and disability co-ordinator ( SENDCo) as appropriate). If you have further concerns in regards to specific difficulties or have questions regarding progress you could speak to the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator team (SENDCo) or the Head teacher.

Information and Communication

We would like to welcome you to our Tewkesbury C of E SEND webpage.  This page will help to inform you about our SEND provision here at Tewkesbury C of E Primary School.

Tewkesbury C of E values every child as an individual and wishes the best possible outcomes for all children. We strive to enable all pupils, regardless of need, to make the best possible progress. The school seeks to raise the achievement, remove barriers to learning and increase physical and curricular access to all through good quality teaching.

All children with special educational needs or disabilities are valued, respected and considered equal members of the school and sometimes additional support is needed to enable them to strive to make the desired progress.

Provision for each child is met on an individual basis. Some children will have support in class; others will be withdrawn for short periods to cover bespoke intervention programmes and/or individual work, while some work on a differentiated curriculum in groups.


Dates and Events

Autumn term

Myplan Autumn reviews are to be held towards the end of the term, where teachers will review autumn intervention plans, impact and progress made and create new targets in readiness for the spring term.

Spring term

Myplan Spring term reviews are held near Easter holidays, where teachers will review spring  interventions, impact and progress made and plans and create new targets in readiness for the summer term.

Summer term

Summer term reviews are to be held after all end of year assessments ( Dates to be confirmed) but will be in June or July depending on the year group your child is in. This information will be collated to send up to the next years teacher within the child’s passport.









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