School Council

Here at Tewkesbury C of E we believe that the school council plays an important role in our school life. We have a representative from each class from Years 1 – 6 and hold weekly meetings (with the help of our teachers) to discuss lots of different issues and think about the changes we can make to improve our school. At the meetings we have an agenda and we make sure that we listen to each other and allow everyone to say what they think. School Council meetings give an opportunity for everyone to be able to share their own ideas and opinions.

In School Council our work never stops and we are always thinking of ways to improve our School. A  current item on our agenda is to run a whole school ‘Readathon’ to promote a love of reading and do some fundraising. We are also planning to visit schools in the local area to meet with other school councils so that we can share ideas.

Inside School we have a notice board which tells everyone about who we are and what issues we have been discussing during School Council meetings. Our minutes are also posted on the board after each council meeting to keep everyone updated. We’re also hoping to have a section in the Tewkesbury C of E School Newsletter so you can also find out about the school council and the work we are doing at school.

School Council Member
Year Group
Sophie Green

‘I want to make the school better.’

Y1 Class 3
Ava Edwards

‘I like to attend school council meetings because I like being around the older children. I also want more plants for the garden.’

Y1 Class 4
Megan Edwards

‘I would like to buy more fiction books for school and help the boys and girls.’

Y2 Class 5
Theo Beavan

‘I will do what I can to make the school a better place. I’ll also take as many ideas as I can to improve.’

Y2 Class 6
Loveleen Vochin

‘I would like to order more interesting books and would like some more interesting stuff around the school.’

Y3 Class 7
Charlie Pullen

‘I would like to make people more aware of the consequences of bullying and look in to the lunchtime line up’

Y3 Class 8
Macy Gittings

‘I’m going to give ideas to the class and give ideas to teachers to raise money to improve the field and playground.’ 

Y4 Class 9
Eva Messenger

‘The things I want to bring to School Council are lots of good ideas. School Council is a group of people that help and give a lot of good ideas.’

Y4 Class 10
Cali Sallis

‘I like School Council because I like putting others’ ideas forward. I also want to make our school the best that it can be.’

Y5 Class 11
Sofia Kashoo

‘I think School Council is fun because you get to be important and give ideas.’

Y5 Class 12
Lewis Farrington

‘School Council is where we gather ideas to make the school a better place for the children and the teachers.’

Y6 Class 13
Amelia Allan

 ‘I’m hardworking and determined. I like being in the School Council because we can make a difference to the school. I would like to get more resources for the school through fundraisers and charity events.’

Y6 Class 14

School Council Minutes

school council minutes 23.5.17

school council minutes 16.5.17