Parent and teacher committee

In recent years we have encouraged the new Reception parents to be part of the PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) for one year. This is to help our new parents feel part of the school community straight away. This summer we are extenting the membership to all parents. It will now be known as the PTC (Parents and Teachers Committee). Mr Rylatt will be the new Chair of the PTC and Mrs Tolley the Vice Chair. Meetings will be held on a Thursday, during the school day where possible or at the end of the school day.

The first meeting will be in June after the New Reception parents have had their welcome meeting. If you are interested in joining and working with Mr Rylatt and Mrs S Tolley on the PTC please complete and return an expression of interest slip held in the school office.

Historically the parents and school together have raised annually thousands of pounds that go to enhance the children’s experience and provision at school. This year the PTA have raised money for a new electronic reading scheme (£3,000) and the astro turf (£4,000)around the Pre-school play area. There is already plans in hand for the summer fete which will include the inflatables of last year