Governors’ Welcome

There are various types of Governors drawn from different areas of the community including, parents, staff, Local Authority, community and other groups.

Governors are volunteers who attend meetings and work to further the school’s development.

Our Clerk to Governors is Charlotte Black. She can be contacted by email at regarding anything connected with the Governing Body including requesting minutes of meetings.

How do Governors help schools and children?

School Governors are people who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education.

Together with the Headteacher they set the future direction of the school and decide how the school’s budget should be spent.

Governing bodies make decisions collectively on matters such as school policies and the school’s development plan.

The official role of a Governor is to:

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and it’s pupils
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Categories of Governors

  • Parent Governor Elected by parents and carers of children at the school.
  • Staff Governor Selected by election from staff employed by the school.
  • Local Authority Governor Appointed by the Local Authority.
  • Foundation Governor- Appointed by the Diosese.
  • Co-opted Governor Appointed by the Governing Body

If you wish to discover more information about what Governors do or learn how to become one please visit the Gloucestershire County Council’s website.

Our Governing Body

The school’s governing body is made up of 9 governors who meet every half term to support and challenge the school’s leadership with the aim of providing the best opportunities, standards of attainment, value for money and a safe working environment. A copy of our constitution is held in the school office.

Lisa Quelcuti
Co-opted Governor – Chair of Governors
Date of appointment: 17.9.2019

End of appointment :17.9.2023
School area of strength: Standards, Assessment and Early years
Committees sat on: Headteacher’s Review; Curriculum and Standards; Staffing and Early Years; Safeguarding

Personal Information:

I joined the governing boding after leaving another local school where I was working as a headteacher. My main areas of expertise and passion is within English and Early Years. Prior to joining Tewkesbury C of E Primary school, I have undertaken a variety of governor training in a number of aspects required.

Charlotte Black
Clerk to the Governors

Date of appointment: 2019

Duties consist of:-

  • Provide professional advice to the governing body on governance, constitutional and procedural matters. The 2013 regulations require maintained school governing bodies to have regard to advice from the clerk in regards to exercising the governing body functions.
  • Provide effective administrative support to the governing body and its committees including minute taking and convening meetings.
  • Ensure the governing body is properly constituted.
  • Manage all governing body information effectively in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Provide support to the governing body in order to meet all of its statutory duties.

James Blockley
Parent Governor 
Date of appointment: 14.11.2018
Start Date: 14.11.2018
End Date:14.11.2022
School area of strength: Standards & Curriculum
Committees sat on: Curriculum & Standards; SEND; Pupil Premium

Personal Information:

Central to my home and work life is a commitment to creating the best possible environment for young people. I believe access to the outdoors plays a fundamental role in health and educational attainment. My aim is for pupils to have happy, healthy, safe and successful journeys through the school. I have also been the treasurer on the PTFA.

Vicki Wagstaffe
Parent Governor
Date of appointment:04.11.19
Start Date: 2019
End Date: 04.11. 2023
School area of strength:
Committees sat on:

Personal Information:

I am a parent of a child in year 2. Professionally I am First Aid Trainer and Choir Leader ( also working with children). I had a career as a Health and Safety Lawyer. I have a strong interest in all aspects of the school but my main passion is the Arts, primarily music.

Tim Rylatt
Staff Governor 
Date of appointment: 2015
Start Date: October 2017
End Date: October 2019
School area of strength: Curriculum, Assessment, English
Committees sat on: Curriculum and Standards

Personal information:

I have been a teacher for 13 years and I am currently Acting Headteacher with responsibility for the quality of education and assessment throughout the school. I have three young boys and appreciate the importance of good education from both a parent’s point of view and as a teacher.

Tim Blakey

Headteacher Governor 

Date of appointment: 2020
School area of strength: Curriculum and Standards, Finance, Staffing
Committees sat on: Premises; Curriculum and Standards; Business Committee; Staffing; Ethos

Personal information:

The Rev’d Stephen Walker
Foundation Governor
Date of appointment: 2006
School area of strength: Ethos
Committees sat on: Headteacher’s Review; Curriculum & Standards; Ethos Committee

Personal Information:

I am Vicar of Holy Trinity Church in the centre of Tewkesbury. I value the partnership between church and school and the mutual benefit we each can bring to our community. As a former Army Padre, I have a particular understanding of the pressures and joys of military life which can be of benefit in my conversations with the parents and children of serving families. A good number of the children who worship at Holy Trinity also attend this school, so there is a strong connection. For relaxation and fitness I enjoy (sometimes) jogging and walking (currently doing the 100 miles of the Cotswold Way in stages). I am married with two children both of whom have now left school but benefited from being part of this school.

The Rev’d Canon Paul Williams
Foundation Governor
Date of appointment: 2003
School area of strength: Ethos
Committees sat on: Headteacher’s Review; Business Committee; Ethos Committee

Personal Information:

I am Vicar of Tewkesbury Abbey and have extensive knowledge of and connections in the town and county. Running a large organisation, I am aware of Governance issues, Safeguarding, Finance and Human Resources. I am Council Member of Dean Close School. I am married with two children who went through Chance Street School.

Local Authority Governor
Date of appointment:
School area of strength:
Committees sat on:

Personal Information:


Stephen Hawkins

Start date:

End date: 2019

Committee: Business


Stacey Grimmett

Start date: 2018

End date:

Committee: Curriculum


Reverend Sebastian Hamilton

Start date: January 2020

End date:

Committee: Ethos

Previous Governors in the last 12 months

Michelle Prosser
Parent Governor
Date of appointment: 2018
End Date: 2019
Committees sat on: Finance

Beryl Thomas
Co Opted Governor
Date of appointment: 2014
End Date: 2019
Committees sat on:


Tewkesbury Church of England Governing Body Information 2019-2020

Governor Category Term of Office End of Office Register of business interests Committee Relationship between school staff/ Pupils Additional responsibility
Lisa Quelcuti

( Chair)


Co-opted 4 years None Standards &curriculum, Finance, Safeguarding None Headteacher’s




Rev Stephen



Foundation Ex-Officio Ex-Officio None Ethos, Standards & Curriculum Vicar Headteacher’s



Canon Paul



Foundation Ex-Officio Ex-Officio None Ethos, Finance Vicar Headteacher’s



Vacancy L.A.





Parent 4 years 14.11.22 None Standards & Curriculum, SEND Pupil at school, Pupil Premium


 Vacancy Parent


Associate Member 1 year 1.12.19 None Finance None None



Associate Member 1 year 1.12.19 None Standards & Curriculum Pupil at school Pre -school
Rev Sebastian Hamilton Associate Member 1 year 1.1.2020 None Ethos None None
Tim Rylatt




2 years 9.7.19




Standards &


None None
Carolyn Scott




Ex- officio Ex- officio None All Committees None None

Governor attendance of meetings from 2016
Governor Attendance 2016/17
FGB Attendance 2017-18