Music Lessons

At Tewkesbury C of E primary School we are proud to offer children in KS2 (Year 3 – 6) the opportunity to learn a musical instrument as an extension of their academic education.

Music lessons and taught by independent peripatetic music staff, most of whom have been recommended to us by Gloucestershire Music Services. Each music teacher is responsible  for organising music lessons, however, we expect children to have 30 lessons a year, spread across the three academic terms. Lessons will be held both during the school day and at the end of the day, dependent upon the instrument being learned. Tuition fees will be billed to you directly by the relevant music teacher and paid by you direct to the music teacher.

If you do not have your own instruments, they can be hired through the relevant music teacher from the Gloucestershire MUsic Service (if  learning guitar or ukulele, children will need to provide their own instruments).

If your child would like the opportunity to learn a musical instrument in the next academic year or you would like further information about music tuition, please use the contact details below to contact your chosen music teacher directly. To avoid disappointment, please contact tutors as soon as possible to discuss and confirm tuition as places can fill up quickly.


Instrument Teacher Contact Details
Woodwind – Flute & Clarinet David Whittle
Piano David Whittle
Brass – Trumpet, Trombine, Euphonium Jenny Steele
Stings – Violin, Viola & Cello Rachel Clarkson
Drums Austin Rose
Guitar & Ukulele Andy Brotherton