Message from the Head

Welcome to the school! In our prospectus you will find many of the details about the school and our aims for the children during their time here.

Over the past few years the school has grown significantly and we now have fourteen classes. We are situated in the centre of town and cater for children from all areas of Tewkesbury. Tewkesbury Church of England Primary School is a Controlled Primary School. This means that it is a school set up by a voluntary body, in this case the Church of England. The school is totally funded through Gloucestershire LEA, which also employs the staff.

The school has dedicated and hard-working staff who aim to provide high quality education to enable all of our children to reach their full potential. Children only have one chance in education and it is therefore vital that they are motivated to achieve the highest standards. We also feel that discipline is important and are proud of the behaviour of our children. We want them to experience the excitement of learning in a happy, secure and stimulating environment.

Our vision is that we are an inclusive Christian school where we strengthen our relationship with God and each other. Every child is valued, challenged and nurtured to aspire to reach their full potential as a responsible member of the local and global Community. We are a school which develops each child’s self- esteem and self- confidence by providing a variety of educational, creative and social opportunities and experiences which embrace their passion for learning in the world of technology and competition.

Key to our success is the contribution of staff, parents, governors and the community in assisting each child’s journey. In order to achieve our aims the ethos of the school must be caring and orderly where emphasis is placed upon:

  • Active encouragement of initiative and the taking of responsibility; warm, friendly relationships between children, staff, parents, governors and with the community in general;
  • Discipline which is not oppressive but which provides firm guidelines;
  • All being seen as equal and valued;
  • Recognition of varying individual needs
  • and an effort to match these with the content of the National Curriculum and approaches used in order to achieve the highest standards.

We like parents to feel they are part of our School. Participation is important and we see the years your child spends at our school as a partnership in learning. We feel that the closer the parents’ involvement and interest in the school the greater the value which the children will place on education. This has to be to the benefit of all concerned.

If you would like to discuss any matters concerning your child’s schooling please contact me at any time.

Carolyn Scott