Tewkesbury Champions!

The past few weeks have seen some brilliant football skills being played.

Last week Years 5 and 6 saw victory at the Tewkesbury Football League tournament for the 2nd year in a row. During these matches they conceded no goals! A brilliant performance!

This week has seen similar success as our Year 4 team took part in their respective Football League tournament. The beginning of the day saw us in fourth place, however, the boys showed some fantastic ball skills and won every match! Due to these wins, it meant that we ended up with the overall high score and thus the Tournament Champions!

Well done to all those in Year 4, 5 and 6!

Look who came to visit!

Year 2 had a very special visitor this term. Paddington Bear dropped in on his way to London and he made quite a mess in the Year 2 classrooms.

He asked the children to help him to find his way to London and also to make some more marmalade sandwiches for him, as he had run out!

The children then wrote back to him as a class with everything they had found out and even got to taste some yummy sandwiches.

He’s now in London and we’re hopeful for a postcard soon.


Welcome to our school Paddington.


What a mess Paddington and you’ve left marmalade on the door handles!


I hope you find a book you like – I love the David Williams books myself!


I hope you’re enjoying our letters and the yummy marmalade sandwiches we made.


Don’t leave any crumbs Paddington!


Thank you for visiting us Paddington. Come back again soon.


Newsletter #22




Value: Respect


Boy’s football victory

Last week our Year 5 & 6 boy’s football team once again led the school to victory in the Large schools football league tournament. The trophy has been won by the school for the second consecutive year.

Our Cross country team are also doing well but we won’t know the final results until a couple of weeks.

The Year 5 children have spent a day at Tewkesbury High School to experience the facilities, lessons and lunches. They spent time in the Science Laboratory, Geography, ICT Food Technology and PE. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we are grateful to the High school for organising such a great day.

Over the last couple of weeks the Year 6 children have been out and about on their bikes achieving their cycling proficiency test.

Our Reception classes welcomed the parents back into class to learn alongside their children in ‘Stay and Play’.

Website Facebook and twitter

Our website is having a facelift and we will be going live with this in two weeks. We have been listening to parents to make it more ‘User friendly’ and we have listened to the children to include more of the fun things that they are doing at school.

In addition to emails, texting and the website we will be launching our own Facebook page and Twitter page. This is to improve communication between the school and its community.

World book day 7th March

This year the children will be dressing up in their favourite book character and having a day of exciting activities. Parents like the advanced notice so that they can start making outfit or hitting the online bargains.

Book Fair

Monday 11th March through to Wednesday 13th March there will be a book fair after school in the school hall.

Holiday requests

Please do not apply to take your children out of school during term time for a holiday. I cannot authorise absence for holidays. The government attendance target for each child is 96%. Authorised absence can only be for religious observations, family emergency

A reminder of Upcoming dates for February and March – for more dates please see the school website calendar

  • Monday 18th February – Friday 22nd February Half Term
  • Thursday 7th March – World Book Day
  • Friday 8th March Year 4 Bishop’s wood trip
  • Friday 8th March – Mr Rylatt’s class assembly
  • Friday 15th March – Miss Armstrong’s class assembly
  • Friday 22nd March – Mr Stagg/Mrs Yeoman’s class assembly
  • Friday 29th March -Mrs Lewis class assembly

Mrs C Scott


Come and see what we have been doing in Pre – School!

This term our topic is ‘Amazing Animals’ and we have been busy learning all about different animals! We enjoyed getting messy when we explored the different footprints the animals would make in the paint. We also tested other tools such as toothbrushes and the marks they made with the paint too. We have also been busy exploring shapes during …

Tasting foods from around the UK

In year one we have been learning about the different countries in the United Kingdom. We have spent our geography lessons locating different places on the map and using an atlas to help us. Today we looked at the different foods that are associated with places in the UK. We tried shortbread from Scotland, soda bread from Northern Ireland, scones from England and welsh cakes from Wales. They were all delicious and we each voted on our favourite


Year 6 Animation Workshops 2019

On Thursday 17th January, Year 6 took part in animation workshops led by Animation Nation (http://www.animationnation.co.uk).

Children worked in teams to create short animations and were coached and supported by our lead animator. Although similar techniques were used, each animation is different and each demonstrates a large amount of creativity, patience and team work.

The children all enjoyed their animation experience and learned lots about animation design, creation and production.

We hope you enjoy watching our Year 6 animations!

Year 6 Animations 2019

Our visit from our local PCSO!

As part of our People Who Help Us topic Reception had a special visit from our local PCSO this week. He came and told us all about his role and what it was like to work in the police force. The children were able to try on some of the uniform and look closely at the …

Word Count Success!

A big congratulations to two of our Year 4 children, who have managed to read one million words in just four months! The children received their million words reward along with a certificate and a Headteacher’s sticker! Keep up the great work!



Newsletter #21




Value: Respect


Happy New Year to all our families and school community. The children have really stepped back into the swing of things and have shared their many happy experiences of the Christmas break.  Already this week we have celebrated the children’s achievements at the Tewkesbury Schools Swimming Gala . Lucy Walsh came first in her race. The whole team was commended for their conduct as well as representing the school in a sport.

Our assembly this morning was a celebration of those children succeeding in growth mindset. This is an approach that we have been developing, not only in maths but across the curriculum. When working, perseverance, effort and a positive attitude to mistakes influence the children’s thoughts and actions, helping them to achieve different learning challenges. This is becoming second nature to the children. The impact we are seeing is that they are less frustrated by difficult concepts as they will try another approach to solving problems.


Thank you for returning the children in their required full uniform. Boots are allowed to walk to and from school but please ensure they have their black school shoes to wear indoors. A further plea please to name every item of school uniform so that we can reunite lost property. On rare occasions children bring home another child’s clothing/PE bag can I ask that from time to time everyone checks these items are indeed their child’s.

Census Day – Special Lunch Day

We would like all of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children to try a school dinner next Thursday 17th January. We would like to encourage as many children to have a school lunch on that day. It is School Census Day and the more children having a school dinner will entitle the school to more, much needed additional funds from the local authority. The kitchen is doing a special menu of Sausage, Chips and Beans, Quorn Sausage Chips and beans or Chicken Soup and pancakes for desert. Please let the school office know if your child would like a lunch on Thursday.

Change of Menu

Next Tuesday Cowboy Hotpot will be replaced by BBQ chicken and BBQ Quorn chicken.

Residential Trips

A reminder please to Year 6 parents that payments for the Normandy trip are required this month.

Dinner Money

Regular reminders of dinner money arrears are now being sent out. The school cannot continue to provide meals where families are in arrears.

Reception Class Parents Evening Event

Reception class parents have received an invitation to a special Q&A event to assist the school in how it can help new parents understand the operational practices of schools and how this can best be improved. Please ensure you have completed the attendance form to assist with catering requirements and numbers.

A reminder of Up Coming Dates for January – for more dates please see the school website calendar

Friday 18th January Y6 Miss J Class Assembly  at 9.00am

Friday 25th January Y 6 Mr Shaw Class Assembly at 9.00am

Monday 28th January Y6 Bikeability


Mrs C Scott


Year 4 investigate unknown beast!

On Wednesday 9th January, Year 4 learnt about a savage beast that was causing mayhem around Tewkesbury. CCTV images showed the beast running through the Welly Boot Area of our school. Unfortunately, the beast seized a victim and took it to his lair. The victim left some clues around the Welly Boot area (however, the clues were written in Runes!)

The children used rune mats to decode the Saxon runes and find out clues about the beast. We learnt it had green, lumpy skin; yellow beady eyes and a hunched back! The children were incredibly engaged by this activity and soon learnt the name of the Anglo-Saxon beast- Beowulf!