Newsletter #29 – 16/06/17

Tewkesbury Church of England Primary School
Chance Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. GL20 5RQ
Headteacher: Mrs C. Scott Tel: (01684) 292309.
Value this half term is: Faith
Menu week 1

Welcome New Parents
Last week we welcomed the new parents and children who start with us in September. Miss Rowland and Mrs Arnold gave their ‘get ready for school’ presentation and Mr Rylatt invited parents to a coffee morning with him and Mrs Tolley as part of the new PTC (Parents and Teachers Committee) if you are a new parent and missed the presentation you will find it on our website.
Last Friday our Reception children launched their summer topic by dressing up as mini-beasts and exploring the school environment.
Year 3
Year 3 opened their classroom doors to a very special visitor – a Mayan. Whilst in full costume the children learned about the daily life and experiences of a Mayan.
Year 6
This year again the Year 6 children ventured on a sponsored bike challenge of 25 laps of the field each to raise money for the RNLI Bembridge Lifeboat. An incredible £1512.35 has been raised – Fantastic! The children will make their presentation next week whilst on the Isle of Wight.
Summer Fun Day
Following on from last years summer funday we have decided to repeat the experience . Only this year it will be BIGGER and BETTER! We have some incredible inflatables including the infamous ‘Wipe Out’! There will be lots of fun games for all age groups and refreshments. We have sought the views of the Parents Forum group and instead of making a charge at each inflatable we will be making a one off entrance fee of £5 per child (pre-school age children £3). Each child will receive a wristband as proof of payment and this will entitle them to as many goes on the inflatables as they can possibly manage. This really is amazing value based on what the Mop Fair often charge. More details are on the back of this newsletter.
19/6/17 – 23/6/17 Y6 Isle of Wight
19/6/17 Year 1 Weston Super Mare
23/6/17 Year 2 Miss Armstong Assembly 9am
5/7/17 Summer Fete 3.30 – 6.00pm
12/7/17 Sports Day
19/7/17 Year 6 Leavers Service Tewkesbury Abbey 2.00pm

YR6 Ride for RNLI

On Friday 9th June, Pupils from Year 6 participated in a sponsored bike ride which took place on the school field and the money raised will be donated to the RNLI during their upcoming trip to the Isle of Wight. We raised well over a whopping £1000!

A special report by Thomas Singer

After more than a week of organising and preparing for this moment, the Year 6 staff and pupils were ready for the tough task ahead: they were about to ride 25 laps of the school field.

Some of the Year 6s felt brave an thought they could do 50, 75 or even 100 laps. Also, others decided to run laps in addition.

Our friends were also really supportive and gave us water and counted how many laps we had done. We all supported each other and gave each other encouragement and there were even some chants of support.

At the end, the children were rewarded with a bag of sweets as a thank you for being dedicated and support to each other.

Twenty-five laps of the school field is 5 miles and so, as there are 60 pupils in Year 6, this means that a total distance of 300 miles (more than the total return distance to the Isle of Wight).

When I spoke to Leo Berryman, an enthusiastic witness to this event, he told me “I really enjoyed the riding and had to be tough. Also, I got jelly legs when I got off my bike but carried on and did more running laps; I was very energetic that day and would definitely do it again.” I also spoke to Daniel Ward who said that he liked how every one supported each other.

So, if you had the opportunity to do something like this, would you?





Newsletter #28 – 26/05/17

Tewkesbury Church of England Primary School
Chance Street, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. GL20 5RQ
Headteacher: Mrs C. Scott Tel: (01684) 292309.
Newsletter: 26/05/2017
Value this half term is: Faith
Menu week: 3

It has been a very busy week for all of the children . We started on Monday by seeing off the Year 4 children to their Pioneer residential in Shropshire. They had three glorious days of weather and were able to make the most of the activities available that included raft building, caving, campfire sing alongs, high wire and abseiling. The children were an absolute credit to us and their parents as staff were complimented on their behaviour and in particular – team spirit on encouraging one another to have a go and then celebrated when small mile stones were achieved.
Our Year 2 children are coming to an end of two weeks of statutory assessments and this afternoon Mr Rylatt and Miss Armstrong celebrated with them by having a picnic on the field. Again every child tried their best and really enjoyed going to our new Community Centre with Mr Rylatt and Miss Armstrong for their assessments.
During Wednesday afternoon we held our first Children’s Party Fayre in the Community Centre. There were many entertainers exhibiting along with the schools catering team. If you were unable to attended don’t dismay as will be holding another event very soon. If you are interested in hiring the rooms for a social/business event details can be obtained from the school office, website or facebook page.
Year 6
On Wednesday 7th June our Year 6 pupils have been invited to join with other year 6 pupils from around the county in a special leavers service at Gloucester Cathedral. This is only for the children and it is in addition to the service held at Tewkesbury Abbey. The Abbey service is on Wednesday 19th July at 2.00pm and parents and families of the Year 6 children are invited to join us.
Hot Weather
Can I remind parents that on the rare occasion that we have very hot weather forcasted that the children bring a sunhat to school and that suncream is applied at home. If you feel that your child would need a further application during the day you are welcome to come into school and apply or your child can bring the cream into school and apply it themselves.
Emails – A reminder
The newsletter is also being emailed to parents who registered with us their email address, however, some of these emails have been bouncing back to us as not recognised addresses. If you have requested that the newsletter is emailed and you are not receiving it could you please email the school office your email address again.
Pre-School – A reminder
Our pre-school is increasing weekly with new children joining. We have Free Funded and paying places available for all 2, 3 and 4 year olds. The Pre-School team is led by Miss Rowland and Mrs McMahon and supported by Mrs Hughes, Miss Hewett, Miss Smith and Miss Merriman.
If you have a pre-school aged child why not drop by and see the team and view the amazing learning experiences.
Monday Art Club Yr1 Miss Croome, Cricket Y5/6 Mr Rylatt, Home Learning Y3 Miss J, Choir Y4/5/6 Mr Hibell, Athletics Club Y3/4
Tuesday French Y1/2 Miss Davis, Maths Y1/2 Mrs Green, Singing Y2/3 Miss J, Rounders Y4/5/6/ Mrs Pawley, Book Y3/4/5/6 Miss Moore
Wednesday Andy Tucker Football, Girls Tag Rugby Y4/5 Mrs Buchanan
Thursday Athletics Club Y5/6
Friday Tennis Y5/6 Mr Shaw
29th May – 2nd June Half Term
5/6/17 School starts back 8.50am
16/6/17 Reception Class Assembly 9am
23/6/17 Year 2 Miss Armstong Assembly 9am
12/7/17 Sports Day
19/7/17 Year 6 Leavers Service Tewkesbury Abbey 2.00pm

Our Vision

Tewkesbury Church of England Primary School is an inclusive Christian school where we strengthen our relationship with God and each other.

Every child is valued, challenged and nurtured to aspire to reach their full potential as a responsible member of the local and global Community.

We are a school which develops each child’s self-esteem and self-confidence by providing a variety of educational, creative and social opportunities and experiences which embrace their passion for learning in the world of technology and competition.

Key to our success is the contribution of staff, parents, governors and the community in assisting each child’s journey.

Our Ethos and Values
Our Ethos is rooted in our Christian values. These values permeate through our curriculum, behaviour and attitude toward one another. These values are;

  • Hope
  • Peace
  • Respect
  • Forgiveness
  • Community
  • Faith
  • Love