Year 1 Trip to Birdland

Year 1 had a fabulous trip at Birdland today. Birdland provides excellent opportunities to support the year 1 science objectives that we are working on currently (to identify and name examples of reptiles, mammals, fish, birds and amphibians and to compare the structures of different animals). As the name suggests, their main focus is birds …

Year 6 Win Maths Challenge!

On Tuesday 9th October, four marvellous mathematicians took part in a Maths Challenge at Deans Close School, Cheltenham.

Our Year 6 mathematicians were challenged with three rounds of tricky maths questions, including solving worded problems, countdown and even algebra! However, the problems didn’t phase our Year 6s and one of our teams landed the top spot to win the Cheltenham Year 6 Maths Challenge.

We are proud of all our Year 6s for representing the school so well and also for demonstrating their excellent mathematical knowledge.

Congratulations to Ollie and Amy and also to Ollie and Eva!

Newsletter #16

Value: Hope

Recently we were visited by the chairperson of Tewkesbury Rotary Club, Anne Bartholomew, who presented Mrs Arnold with a cheque for £820. The donation was for more reading books in Foundation and KS1. Mrs Arnold is passionate about encouraging the younger children to develop good reading habits early on so that they maintain a life-long passion for reading. Pictured Anne Bartholomew and Mrs Arnold. We are very grateful to The Rotary Club.

Summer Fete
Thank you for your support at the summer fete I can now confirm that we made over £2,500 profit. This has gone to the purchase and installation of the new fitness suite on the school field. All the children have the opportunity to use the suite daily. Year 6 have been trying it out!

Parents consultation evenings
The appointment boards will be displayed from Wednesday 10th October in the main Reception area. Please come in or phone to make your appointment(s)

Open Morning
Our prefect where commended for the way they took prospective parents around the school at Yesterday’s open morning.
For parents with children starting in September 2019 we have another Open Morning on Thursday 22nd November at 10.00am

Harvest Celebrations
We had a lovely Harvest service at Holy Trinity this afternoon. Our huge thank you to Lucy Betts who led the service with the children. Thank you for your donations that have now all been pass to the Tewkesbury Food Bank.

Up coming dates for October – for more dates please see the school website calendar
Tuesday 9th October Y6 Maths Challenge
Wednesday & Thursday 10th & 11th October Year 2 Kingswood residential
Thursday 11th October Year trip to Birdland
Friday 12th October Governor Ballot count 12.00 midday
Thursday 18th Year 6 cake sale
Monday 22nd October to 26th October HALF TERM

Mrs C Scott

More special visitors in Year 1 Science!

This week’s lesson was to identify the features of mammals, and as part of this both classes had a visit from two rabbits. We studied their structure and drew and labelled a picture of a rabbit. We compared the structure of rabbits to less typical mammals such as whales, dolphins and seals.

Year 1 have special visitors in this week’s science lesson!

Both year 1 classes had special visitors this week for their lesson on identifying the features of birds. Mrs Ingles brought in two of her chickens, and to our great excitement one laid an egg in the afternoon! This chicken is friendly and tolerated being stroked by everyone in class 4. Both classes had the opportunity to study the chickens closely and discuss the specific anatomy – beak, wings, feathers and claws -which characterise birds. We were interested to note that birds have scaly legs, evidence of their evolution from the dinosaurs! Each child drew a detailed sketch of one chicken and labelled the features.

Year 1 visit Holy Trinity for Baptism lesson

On Wednesday Year 1 visited Holy Trinity Church in Tewkesbury to learn about the Christian Baptism ceremony. We have been learning about belonging, and what it means to belong to a group – whether a school group, Rainbows, Beavers, swimming club or belonging to a faith. We learnt that Christian parents might choose to welcome their baby into the Christian faith by having their baby baptised. Lucy Betts, Holy Trinity’s Family Coordinator showed us how the parents introduce their baby, choose Godparents, and how the baby is baptised in the font. We sang a hymn too. Thank you very much to Holy Trinity for our lesson.

Operation Bible


Last week, years 1-6 visited Tewkesbury Baptist Church to take part in Operation Bible. It was a fantastic event with year groups being set the challenge to investigate rumours surfacing about a man named Jesus who was performing incredible miracles. Complete with special ‘Operation Bible’ notebooks and pens, children went back in time and interviewed eye witnesses in order to complete a report on Jesus and his miracles! A fantastic time was had and much was learnt as some fantastic actors brought these stories alive for the children.

WW2 Evacuation Day

On Thursday 20th September, a cold, wet and dreary day, children from Tewkesbury C of E Primary School bid farewell to their parents and embarked on an evacuation adventure to discover more about World War 2.

Children arrived at Winchcombe Railway Station and were greeted by local farmers and villagers who were going to guide them through evacuation experience. Shortly after their arrival at the station, the steam train arrived and the children boarded. To keep them entertained for the long journey to Cheltenham, friendly villagers entertained the children with tales and stories as well as songs of the day.

Throughout the day, children were given training to learn how to fight fires caused by incendiary bombs, experienced an air raid and learned about what they would be expected to do while they were evacuated in the country for the duration of the war.

Click HERE to see more photos of the children’s evacuation experience.

Y5 It’s all Greek to me launch day

Last Friday, Year 5 pupils got dressed up for a special day to launch their It’s All Greek to me theme. They experienced various themed activities including creating a 3D cyclops eye,  painting a view from the Parthenon and decorating a Greek amphora.

A big thank you to Mrs Evans and Mrs Prosser!

Newsletter #15


We have welcomed our new Reception Class children this week. They have been amazing and settled into the routines incredibly well.

Thank you for your attendance at the individual Year group overview meetings this week. I hope you found them useful and informative.

Many of the classes also launched their topics this week and the school has been adorned with explorers, Greeks and Victorians! Please go to your child class webpage to see pictures of their day.

Visit to the Baptist Church

Next week some of the year groups will be going to the Baptist Church to take part in the 4front Theatre’s ‘operation Bible’ experience. It is an interactive walk around experience for primary age children. They are given a case file to solve and sent back in time to meet characters from 2000 AD. Each character tells the story of one of Jesus’s miracles. Below are the days and times the children will be going.

Year 2: Thursday 20th September 9.30am to 10.30am

Year 3: Thursday 20th September 11am to 12 noon

Year 4: Thursday 20th September 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Year 5: Friday 21st September 11am to 12 noon

Year 6: Friday 21st September 1.30pm to 2.30pm

After school provision costs

As from Monday 17th September parents using the after school care provision will have to pay the the hour that their children may be attending an after school club/activity. This is because a place has been secured, a pack lunch provided and staffing ratios incurred at the after school care provision. If you require further information please speak with me.

Parent Governors

A reminder that nominations for two governor vacancies will close at 12 midday on Friday 21st September.

Library books

A huge thank you to all the families who have donated books to our school library. They have all been labelled and added to our wonderful selection for all our children to enjoy. Should you have any surplus books at home that you would like to donate, please do drop them in to the school office. Any publication would be very gratefully received. Also, should you wish to help with our school library, be that scanning and labelling books or contributing to the design of the learning space or simply to help children make the most of the wide range of books available to them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


After school clubs

Thank you for your patience and support with our Autumn Clubs sign up system. I am extremely grateful to the staff for volunteering their time to offer such a wide selection of extra curricular opportunities. I completely understand that some year groups have more options than others, mainly due to staff expertise and our desire to enter local tournaments and festivals, which specify age group entries. Do do try to provide additional opportunities by sourcing outside agencies, which of course comes at a cost. As the year progresses, and indeed as the years go by, we do hope that all of our children have the chance to experience a wide range of extra curricular activities for the enjoyment of all. Should you wish to help us broaden our clubs offer further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Up coming dates for September – for more dates please see the school website calendar

Wednesday 19th Tri-Golf competition

Thursday 20th September Operation Bible

Thursday 20th September Year 6 visit to Winchcombe

Friday 21st September Operation Bible

Wednesday 26th September Year 1 visit to Holy Trinity


Mrs C Scott