How We Report Progress

As you are aware the New National Curriculum 2014 was introduced this September. The way pupil progress is set out has changed. There are no NC Levels. Now progress is measured against Age Related Expectations (A.R.E). Each year group has a set of objectives to achieve during the year. By the end of year 6 children are striving to achieve A.R.E and to be Secondary ready.

In preparation for these curriculum changes and the ceasing of national levels we have been reporting pupil progress in terms of Expecting, Emerging and Exceeding at parent evenings and end of year reports.

The expectation of what should be learnt and taught has been raised considerably in Maths, English, Science and Computing. The challenge for the school is to deliver those expectations.

To assist parents to understand how their child is making progress we are using a grid which identifies the learning objectives and indicates how your child is progressing towards achieving each objective throughout the year. The grid identifies not only progress but also where additional focus is needed to assist a child’s understanding.

The grid will be inside the cover of your child’s maths book and at the beginning of the Spring term, inside the literacy book. Next to each objective are three mark boxes, indicating: Working Towards, Mostly Achieved and Achieved. By the end of an academic year the objective should have ideally had all three boxes ticked; showing progress, moving from Working Towards to Achieved.

For some objectives your child may not have been assessed as Achieved but be assessed as Mostly Achieving. The National Curriculum guidance is that there is an expectation that the majority of the objectives are Achieved.

For this academic year only and as part of the national transition to the New Curriculum, years 2 and 6 will follow the old national curriculum and therefore will have different objectives. Next academic year all year groups will follow and be assessed by the New National Curriculum objectives.

There will continue to be Statutory Assessment Tests (S.A.T.s) for years 2 and 6. Phonics reading screening will also continue for years 1 and 2.

At next week’s parents evening the maths grids will be inside in your child’s book and will be your opportunity to see how your child is progressing.

Attached to this letter is a copy of the maths grid relevant to your child’s year. By being better informed about your child’s progress and the objectives that need further improvement you will be able to support both at school and home.

Primary School progress measure

Please click on the links below for each year groups A.R.E grids.