Sports Fund

The school was allocated a special fund from the government specifically for the long term security and promotion of sport. As a school, we are very fortunate to have such a strong history and future in competitive sports. Last year the school has won the netball tournament, football league and tournament, swimming gala and we were Cross Country Schools champions. The 2012 Olympics was particularly special to us as a community as a member of our staff carried the Olympic torch part of its journey through Cheltenham, and an ex-pupil competed in the rowing event. Many ex-pupils have gone onto sporting glory whether it be at County or national level. This is something that we wish to secure for the pupils of today and those yet to come.

Using the new government grant we have set out an action plan to up-skill current staff in the delivery of sports, introduce physical activity at lunchtimes for all pupils, create the opportunity for less popular sports to be experienced through after school clubs (such as archery) and support those pupils interests in the not-so-main-stream activities such as cheer-leading. We provide the opportunity for those pupils who have been identified as having a particular sporting talent or gift are able to attend a summer sports camp. We have utilised the skills of parents in delivering a gymnastic club and provide swimming lessons for all 7 year groups throughout the year. For detailed view of our action plan please see the School Curriculum page.