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2018 – 2019


Mrs Rouse
Teacher, Class 11

Mr Eveleigh 
Teacher, Class 12

Mrs Lancaster
LSA, Class 11

Mrs Lockwood
LSA, Class 12

Mrs Kucharski
PPA Cover Class 11 &  12

Year group information

Welcome to Year 5. This page will contain all the information you need to have for a terrific Year 5.

Autumn Term – It’s All Greek to Me!

Values: Peace and Hope

Throughout the Autumn Term the children will be exploring the life and times of the Ancient Greeks. They will be exploring the Geography of the country as well as important events such as the Trojan War and key civilisations such as Athens and Sparta. We are fortunate to have Colin Smith (Theatre in Education Practitioner) who is coming to us on the 20th November for the day to put together a ‘Play in a Day’ with a number of links made to the theme. It’s a great experience. There will be a performance to the school, and later, one to parents. Watch this space!

Spring Term – We Have Lift Off!

Values: Respect and Forgiveness

Throughout the Spring term, the children will explore the stars in this space topic. We will be studying the planets and complementing our learning through our Science topics. The children will also enjoy the experience of having the space come to our school in the Space Dome.

Summer Term – River, Roses, Religion

Values: Community and Faith



Throughout the Summer term, the children will travel back in time to Medieval Tewkesbury, as well as having a Geography focus as we will look at the make up of a river. This topic will culminate in a brilliant day out at the Medieval Fayre, where the children become knights for a day!




Dates and Events – Autumn 2018

Wednesday 5th September  – School starts

Thursday 13th September – Y5 Overview for Parents 4:30pm

Friday 14th September – Launch Pad: ‘It’s All Greek To Me!’

(Dress up in Greek clothing)

Friday 21st September – Y5 @ Tewks Baptist Church 4 Operation Bible

Half Term Homework Project handed out 12th October

Half- term – 22nd to 26th October

Tuesday 20th November – Play in a Day (Colin Smith:- Theatre in Education Practitioner) Times to be confirmed

Wednesday 21st November – Reading Champions Presentation to Parents

Mrs Rouse & Miss Davies 5pm

Friday 23rd November – Year 5 Maths Challenge

Christmas Holiday – 24th December to the 4th January

Mrs. Rouse & Mr. Eveleigh Timetable

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5FR House Captains


The Winner – Severn W/E 16th November 2018



5RE House Captains

Severn: Emily
Abbey: Ellie
Avon: Simon

 The Winner –



School Council Representatives

5FR – Jasmine and Thomas

5RE – Matteo and Rima

Worship Committee Representatives

5FR – Bailey

5RE – Joe



Learning Support

In Year 5, there are a couple of websites that we use on a daily basis. Listed below are links to follow to these websites for use at home.


Doodle Maths

While Doodlemaths is an app that is used in school and at home, if you do not already have it, it can be downloaded through the website.

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

The following website will allow access to a range of resources that will support parents understanding of SPAG (including a Jargon Buster that can be downloaded – just use the link below to access the information).

SPAG Support

This site also offers support for reading and writing too.

A4 PosterSpellings

Autumn set 7

A4 Poster

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In Year 5, the children will be learning their spellings at school so will no longer be taking spellings home to practice. There will be at least three concentrated spelling sessions each week. The children will be taught the rule and then will be set a variety of activities to help them internalise the selected words. These activities will range from wordsearches to code breaking to simple cover, write, check. The children are also encouraged to have their spelling lists with them during English lessons, giving them the opportunity to use the given words, in the context of their writing.

The children will then have a spelling test on Friday.

If you have any questions about this new approach to spellings, please see a member of the Year 5 Teaching Team.

Current spellings –


Home Learning in Year 5

Maths – each week the children will be tasked with completing a short series of maths challenges that will require them to use a variety of skills. When attempting these challenges the children should be encouraged to show their workings.

Maths home learning will be set on a Friday and due in on a Wednesday.

English – each week the children will be tasked with completing a comprehension task based on a given text. This will require them to read the text carefully and answer questions based on that text. This is not a test of memory and children should be encouraged to constantly refer back to the text. While completing the tasks, we would ask that the children write in full sentences.

English home learning will be set on a Wednesday and due in on a Monday.

Reading – children should be encouraged to read as much as possible and to record when they do and how many pages they managed to read. Reading logs will be checked three times a week.

AR Readers:-The children are encouraged to read for at least 20 minutes each day (in school and at home.) This will improve their comprehension skills.  Once each book is completed, a quiz will be carried out, reflecting their grasp of the text. Progress is monitored and celebrated on our ‘Rocket Readers’ display.


Doodle Maths – The children are now being encouraged to carry out x3 lots of practise ( ‘5/6/7/8/9 a day’, after they have completed their added extras) per week at home, while also carrying out x3 timetabled slots at school too. They have a form to sign by parents as a record of this additional homework.

Class 11 managed to improve their overall performance this week and four children came in the top 10 across the school.

Miller was 1st with 910 *

Thomas 4th with 688*

Jasmine 5th with 605*

Charlie C 10th with 364*

Overall the class was top the leaderboard W/E7/12/18


Times Tables – it is expected that children practice their times tables as much as possible. We would encourage the use of tablet apps such as Doodlemaths, as well as incidental moments such as on the way to school! Times tables play a huge part in the Maths that is covered in Year 5 and will enable the children to better access their learning in class. 100 Club serves to check recall.


Letters home

13th September – Welcome to Year 5 Welcome to Year 5( PDF format: click on this link for information booklet)  Welcome to Year 5 (word format: click on this link for information booklet) 

See links above 


Awards in Year 5



Star of the week

Star of the Week 5FR – 

Miller:- For perseverance in Doodle Maths and achieving the top spot but also for his application to work this week.

Freya:- for her outstanding performance in the girl’s football team, in spite of sustaining an injury.

(please note; this award is based on ‘Pupil Voice’ – they put forward the pupils themselves and vote accordingly – private ballot

Star of the Week 5RE – 


5FR Dojo Champion of the Week

5FR –  Xawier & Mali


Y5 FR – word count champion = 1st Sam -almost 2 million words

Class daily average minutes this week = 23 

Y5 RE –

Top Doodler

5FR – Miller

5RE –

Mrs Rouse’s & Mrs Lancaster’s Terrific Target Trophy

The winner is…Thomas – great application and focus to Doodle Maths


Y5 FR:- N/A


Diorama photographs can be viewed on the site’s main page.

 Y5 FR:- Mosaic Self Portraits

Can you guess who is who?

Joseph, Jasmine, Ethan J, Jack, Charlie M, Ava and Miller


The 100 Club Weekly Movers:

5FR –

5RE –

Year 5 News:-

 Our 3rd English Unit is:-

Pandora’s Amphora – Poetry based on Kit Wright’s ‘The Magic Box’

Pandora’s box by Y5

Click on the link above

Children’s work to follow …