We are really excited to be welcoming your children into Year 4 this year, it’s great to have them back with us! The children have all returned to school with a really positive attitude and we are sure that we will have a really successful year together.

Mr Rylatt
Class Teacher

Mr Stanton 
Class Teacher

Mrs Kucharski 
Class Teacher
Mrs Pugh
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Buchanan
Teaching Assistant

Year 4 News


Themes taught in Year 4


Autumn Term – Tomb Raiders

Values: Hope and Peace

Throughout the Autumn term, we will travel back in time to Ancient Egypt to learn more about the achievements of this great civilization. We will learn about the Ancient Gods, how to mummify dead bodies, research the importance of the Scarab Beetle and learn about the role of the River Nile in Egyptian farming.



Spring Term – Secrets of the Saxons

Values: Respect and Forgiveness

Throughout the Spring term, we will experience life as an Anglo-Saxon and discover how their culture, society and beliefs have affected life in Britain. Children will study the geography of the United Kingdom, using maps and atlases. Children will explore crime and punishment during the Anglo-Saxon times and create their own Saxon homes, jewellery and shields.



Summer Term – Extreme Earth

Values: Community and Faith

Throughout the Summer term, we will be investigating the physical geography of our planet and learn about natural disasters. We will study volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes. We will develop our knowledge of Italy and learn more about their cuisine and famous, influential artists.


A typical day in Year 4

When the children arrive, they’ll take part in a morning activity to ease them into the day. We then have whole Class Guided Reading, followed by an assembly. After the assembly, we have an English session before break time. After break, the children have Maths, Mile-a-day and then Maths Fluency and then it’s lunch time. To begin the afternoon, we have a calming afternoon activity, followed by PE (on Monday) or a R.E.A.L Curriculum lesson and we finish the day with a class story.


Reading at home

Our home learning will be looking a little different to begin the year. We are putting a lot of enthuses on reading, so it would be great if you were able to hear your child read every day (or give them opportunities to read to themselves). We will be handing out reading logs for you to complete at home when you child has read. These should come into school each day for the teachers and teaching assistants to check (in a Covid safe way).


DoodleMaths and DoodleTables at home

We will also be sharing some added extras for DoodleMaths and DoodleTables, focusing on the areas the children have been learning about in school throughout that week. This will allow the children to consolidate their learning before moving on to the next topic. It is important that parents/carers don’t give too much support for DoodleMaths as the system is developed to give tailor made support for each child. Too much support will lead to more challenging questions later on. Instead there are some support tools within the app that will help you to talk through how to solve a particular problem, if your child is finding a concept challenging.


How else can you help your child at home?

Pupils across the country will be given a times table assessment at the end of year 4. As a result of this we will be focusing on our tables in lessons but also ask you to practice and support your children at home. We will be adding a range of web links that children can access at home to support them with their tables.


PE days

Children in Year 4 will have their main PE lesson on a Monday afternoon. Currently, we are asking the children to come into school in their PE kits on this day. A PE kit should include; trainers, plain black or navy shorts or joggers, a plain t-shirt and jumper (please feel free to use their school jumper).


Healthy snacks and water bottles

As we are a healthy school, the children will only be allowed a healthy snack at break times. Snacks include fruit, vegetables, fruit bars, fruit pots and yogurt sticks. Please can you make sure the children bring in their own water bottles each day and take them home at the end of the day.


Art t-shirt

To help with our art sessions, we are asking the children to bring in an old t-shirt (over-sized if possible) which they can wear whenever they are taking part in an art activity. These t-shirts will be kept in school throughout the year.



Please log into this at the earliest opportunity, as we will aim to use it to share message, upload pictures of the children’s work and add links to websites that will benefit the children.


Parent helpers

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer parents the chance to come into school to help with readers and our R.E.A.L Curriculum yet. However, we are really looking to being able to invite you back into school very soon and we will be in touch as soon as the situation changes.


Finally, if you have any questions, concerns or would like to speak to any member of the Year 4 team, we are available at the end of the day and will be more than happy to support you with anything that you need.



Useful Websites / Apps

In Year 4, there are lots of websites / apps that we use to support and extend the children’s learning. The list below is not exhaustive, but does include some of the websites and apps that we use on a regular basis. 

Are there websites or apps that your children enjoy using and that you use at home to support your child’s learning? Please let us know as we are always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration to support your children!