Miss Davis
Class Teacher – 4SD

Miss Jaryczewski
Class Teacher – 4TJ

Mrs Spry
PPA Cover Teacher

Mrs Pawley
PPA Cover Teacher

Miss Lewis 

Mrs Tonkin

Mrs Ley

Autumn Term – Extreme Earth

Values: Peace and Hope

Throughout the Autumn term, children will investigate the physical geography of our planet, focussing on: volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. To complement this learning, we will focus our studies on Italy and learn more about Europe, healthy eating and influential artists.

Spring Term – Secrets of the Saxons

Values: Respect and Forgiveness

Throughout the Spring term, children will experience life as an Anglo-Saxon and discover how their culture, society and beliefs affected life in Britain. Children will study the geography of the United Kingdom, using maps and atlases. Children will also explore the topography of the land and use modelling techniques to create sculptures of Anglo-Saxon villages.

Summer Term – Tomb Raiders

Values: Community and Faith

Throughout the Summer term, children will travel back in time to Ancient Egypt to learn more about the achievements of this great civilisation. Children will use maps and atlases to study the location of countries and begin to explore what different regions of the world are like.

Pioneer Residential Photos – 2018

Pioneer 2018MondayTuesdayWednesdayGroup 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5Group Photos

Wow! What an incredible day! The sun has shone and the children have had an amazing time! Today has seen the children take part in caving, challenge courses, climbing and high ropes activities (among many others). After a long day, the children have enjoyed some hot chocolate and biscuits and are now all tucked up in bed. This is a selection of photos that have been taken throughout the day – more photos will follow tomorrow!

Monday 21st May – Pioneers Photos (Day 1)
More photos added!

Well, today has been another fantastic day with the sun shining again and many activities enjoyed by all! The children have worked together in teams to build rafts, developed skills in archery and supported each other when facing new heights! Each child has succeeded and achieved a personal goal and we are super proud of each and every one of them.

Tuesday 22nd May – Pioneers Photos (Day 2)

Wow! This has been an exciting and exhilarating experience and adventure for the children this year! Even on our final day, the sun continued to shine and the children continued to achieve the very best they could. In recognition of their hard work and achievements, some children were selected to receive awards by their group leaders – however, even if a child did not receive a certificate, they are all winners, achievers and our superstars!

Wednesday 23rd May – Pioneers Photos (Day 3)

We are trying to upload the final days worth of photos for your enjoyment, however due to a few technical difficulties, this is proving to be tricky! Please bare with us and we will upload as many photos from today’s adventures as soon as possible. Thank you.

A video montage of photos from children who were in Group 1 during our Pioneer adventure!


A video montage of photos from children who were in Group 2 during our Pioneer adventure!

A video montage of photos from children who were in Group 3 during our Pioneer adventure!


A video montage of photos from children who were in Group 4 during our Pioneer adventure!


A video montage of photos from children who were in Group 5 during our Pioneer adventure!


A video montage of photos from children during our Pioneer adventure!


Class 9 – Oliver T-H (22.6.18)

Class 10 – Tom W & Bailey W (15.6.18)

Level 3 > Level 4

Miller D, Harry M

Level 5 > Level 6

Tom W


To be announced…

Weekly Spellings

In Year 4, children will be learning their spellings at school so will no longer be taking spellings home to practice. Children will participate in Spellings Workshops four times each week and will work in groups that provide an appropriate level of challenge for them. Teaching of spellings and spelling patterns will follow a pattern of: Teach; Practice; Apply; Test. If you have any questions about this new approach to spellings, please see a member of the Year 4 teaching team.

Home Learning in Year 4

Maths – each week children will be required to complete a short series of Maths problems that encourage them to use a variety of their Maths skills. When completing Maths tasks, children should be encouraged to show their workings.
Maths home learning will be set on a Friday and due on a Wednesday.

English – each week children will be required to read a short text and answer questions about the text that show their understanding and develop their comprehension skills. When completing English tasks, children should be encouraged write in full sentences.
English home learning will be set on a Wednesday and due on a Monday.

Reading – children should be encouraged to read as many times as possible per week, with a minimum requirement of at least 3 times per week. Please ensure that this is logged on their reading records.

Times Tables – it is expected that children practice their times tables as often as possible and we would encourage the use of tablet apps and games to assist with this, especially DoodleMaths.

Important Dates

Friday 15th June – Egyptian Experience

Poetry in Year 4

My hamster is a boy,
Who loves to play with toys.
He runs around in his wheel,
Without a squeal.

Crocodiles live in a swamp;
They like to eat – chomp, chomp, chomp!
Crocodiles are dark and green,
Crocodiles are ferocious and mean.

Cat in the Hat
The cat in the hat,
Sat on the mat.
He lives in the hall,
Playing football!

I am the one,
I am the only,
I am the one, skeleton!
But it does make me quite lonely.

Summer Term 2018
House Point Total – Friday 18th May


Summer Term 2018
House Point Total – Friday 8th June

Class 9 – Ollie S

Class 10 – Charlie M


Class 9 – Rebecca B

Class 10 – Alfie R

Useful Websites / Apps

In Year 4, there are lots of websites / apps that we use to support and extend the children’s learning. The list below is not exhaustive, but does include some of the websites and apps that we use on a regular basis. 

Are there websites or apps that your children enjoy using and that you use at home to support your child’s learning? Please let us know as we are always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration to support your children!

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