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Mrs S Lewis
Class 7
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Class 7
Mrs S Philpott 
Class 7

Miss T Jaryczewski
Class 8

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Class 8

Mrs C Bishop
Class 8

Autumn Term – I’m a Mayan: Get me out of here!

Values: Hope and Peace

Throughout the Spring term, children will travel to the rainforests of the world on a quest to discover what the rainforest is, what the conditions are of these tropical regions of the world, what creatures live there and how the rainforest helps us live our lives. We will learn about the Mayan culture and take the opportunity to taste and
cook with foods from these exotic regions of the world.

Spring Term – TBC

Values: Respect and Forgiveness

Further information about our new and exciting theme will be released soon!

Summer Term – Veni! Vidi! Vici!

Values: Community and Faith

Throughout the Summer term, children will investigate the history and geography
of Roman Britain. We plan to inspire the children through exposure to real life
artefacts and exploration of the Roman world around us and use this interesting culture to form the basis of much of our English. 

Resources For Parents


Each week children will be required to complete a short series of Maths problems that encourage them to use a variety of their Maths skills. Sometimes children will be required to practice something they have been learning in class and sometimes they will need to use prior knowledge to help them tackle a problem. When completing Maths tasks, children should be encouraged to show their workings.

Tasks should represent a maximum of 30 minutes engaged learning time.
Maths home learning will be set on a Friday and due on a Wednesday.


Each week children will be required to read a short text and answer questions about the text that show their understanding and develop their comprehension skills. When completing English tasks, children should be encouraged write in full sentences.

Tasks should represent a maximum of 30 minutes engaged learning time.
English home learning will be set on a Wednesday and due on a Monday.


Children should be encouraged to read as often as possible and for a sustained period of time. We recommend a minimum of 20 minutes per day of engaged reading time (this could be a combination of your child reading to you, you reading to your child and your child reading independently) however children should read at least 3 times per week. Please make sure that reading is logged so the children are able to receive Dojo Rewards for their efforts.

We encourage children to read for pleasure in addition to their set reading homework.

Times Tables

It is expected that children practice their times tables as often as possible and we would encourage the use of tablet apps and games to assist with this, especially DoodleTables.


Children will be learning spellings through the English lessons this year – we will not be administering a weekly spelling test based on a set of given words. We will however be monitoring your child’s progress in learning to read and spell the Year 3/4 National Curriculum statutory spelling words. We would grateful if parents could assist children with learning and practicing these spellings. There are many tablet apps and games that can be used to assist with learning and practicing spellings, especially DoodleSpell and SpellingCity.

Class 7 – To be announced…

Class 8 – Declan


Izzy F
Calum G
Miles J
Jake W
Mayson W


Seren S
Lyndsey C
Declan R

ClassDojo House Monsters

House Points

Class 7 Weekly House Champions – Roses

Class 8 Weekly House Champions – Severn

Class 7 – To be announced…

Class 8 – To be announced…

Class 7 – Luke & Ailla

Class 8 – Daisy & Lindsay

Seren & Weronika

Important Dates

Monday 4th November – Term Begins
Wednesday 20th November – Individual Photos

Wednesday 4th December – KS2 Flu Immunisations
Tuesday 10th December – Parents Evening
Wednesday 11th December – Christmas Abbey Service
Wednesday 11th December – Parents Evening
Thursday 12th December – Christmas Fair
Friday 13th December – INSET Day
Wednesday 18th December – Christmas Dinner Day
Thursday 19th December – KS2 Praise Assembly
Friday 20th December – End of Term @ 2.00pm

Useful Websites / Apps

Year 3 is very lucky to have access to iPads to support and enhance the children’s learning experiences and we use a variety of apps and games. If you own a tablet device, we would recommend using the following apps, websites and games at home to support your child’s learning.

  • DoodleMaths
  • DoodleTables
  • DoodleSpell
  • DoodleEnglish
  • SpellingCity
  • Showbie
  • DK TimesTables
  • Sum Dog
  • Times Table Rockstars
  • Reading Realm

Are there websites or apps that your children enjoy using and that you use at home to support your child’s learning? Please let us know as we are always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration to support your children!

Year 3 News