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Lead Key Practitioner

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Key Practitioner

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Key Practitioner

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Early Years Teacher


Miss Rowland
Foundation Stage Leader

Pre-School Information

We would like to welcome you to our Tewkesbury C of E Pre – School webpage.

This page will help to inform you about our Pre-School here at Tewkesbury C of E Primary School.

Our Pre – School is situated at the top of the main school site, in its own purpose built setting adjacent to our school community centre.

We have very close links with the school and enjoy using the school site for P.E and Welly Boot, joining with the classes for fun activities and taking part in whole school collective worship.

Pre-school is a very exciting and important stage in your child’s life and your child’s early years’ experience should be happy, active, engaging, fun and secure; and support their development, care and learning needs.

All the staff here at Tewkesbury C of E Pre – School want the very best for your child and we understand that to enable them to reach their full potential, they must feel happy, valued, safe and secure and this remains our central aim.

At Tewkesbury C of E Primary School we offer Foundation Stage provision for children from the age of 2 years old up to the age of 5 when they are in Reception. We are a two form entry school and have a growing intake for our current Pre – School provision.

What sessions do we offer?

We have morning, afternoon and all day sessions:

Morning sessions – 8.30am until 11.30am

Afternoon sessions – 12 noon until 3.00pm

All day sessions – 8.30 am until 3.00pm (Lunch is at 11.30 am until 12 noon)

If you would like to inquire about sessions for your child please contact us on 01684 292309.

We are currently updating our intake lists for 2018 and have some spaces available.

Please take a look at the information leaflet below and please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Open Day Information


Morning session (3 hours) is £15

Afternoon session (3 hours) is £15

All day session is £30

If your child stays for a lunch session it is £2

We welcome children to our setting from the term after their 2nd birthday if there are spaces available for them. Some children may be eligible for 2 year old funding if certain criteria is met. All children are eligible for 15 hours a week free for 3 and 4, which is government funding, from the term after their 3rd birthday.

We also offer 30 hours at our setting. Some working parents may be eligible for additional funding to total 30 hours free childcare.

If you would like to find out additional information about this please click on one of the links below:

Autumn Term

This term our topic is ‘Marvellous Me!’

Letters home:

Autumn Term parent welcome letter

Marvellous Me Autumn Term Topic Web


Here you will find key information to support the use of our Tapestry Online Journal at home.

Parents Guide – website

Parents Guide iOS

Parents Android

Spring Term

This term our topic is ‘Amazing Animals!’

Letters home:

Summer Term

This term our topic is ‘Down in the Garden!’

Summer 1 Term:

We are learning all about growing plants and flowers this term.

We have received some special deliveries, which we have been very excited about!

We read the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk and learnt all about how to care for our plants and help them grow. We have planted our own sunflower seeds and we are enjoying caring for them and it is exciting to see how much they have started to grow already!

When we went down to the school for our weekly welly boot session we met Mr James in the garden area and he told us all about the different things growing there.

Last week we were sent a new story from a little boy called Jack. He had some magic beans that grew into a very tall beanstalk. He even met a giant at the top of his beanstalk! He was very kind and sent us some of our own magic beans to grow. We are now busy imagining what might grow at the top of our beanstalk!

Summer 2 Term:

We have had a wonderful first week back in Pre – School after our half term break.

We are continuing with our topic of ‘Down in the Garden’ and have started to look at different minibeasts that we can find in the world around us.

This week we have also been busy watering the garden and checking that our flowers and plants are growing!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We have been reading the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We really enjoyed learning about what the caterpillar ate, what happened to the caterpillar and we have been trying to learn the days of the week too!

We also enjoyed looking at the different foods the caterpillar ate throughout the story. We talked about the healthy and unhealthy foods and ways we can stay healthy too.

We even got to try some of the different fruits from the story. We used our senses to explore what the different fruits tasted like and what they smelt like. We also talked about those we liked and those we had never tried before.


We have also been very excited this week in Pre – School because we have noticed some changes in our tadpole water tray.

The tadpoles have started to change into frogs!

We have really been enjoying looking closely to see what is happening and talking to our friends about the changes.

This helped us to understand the life cycle of the frog, which we have been learning about in Pre – School.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar continued!

The children were so engrossed with the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar they wanted to revisit it again this week and have been enjoying making their own story maps, retelling the story using puppets and sequencing the story using the picture cards.

The children have also been busy making repeating patterns using different fruits and vegetables. They explored the print that it made using paints and enjoyed talking about the different shapes the fruits and vegetables made.

They then had a go at making a repeating pattern with them!

I love bugs!

The children’s interest in minibeasts has continued this week and they enjoyed the story ‘I Love Bugs!’ The children listened carefully to the descriptions of the bugs in the story and were very good at guessing what the minibeasts were!

There was lots of drawings and paintings of minibeasts taking place in Pre – School this week too!

The children have been showing their wonderful counting skills and even solved the missing number challenges!

Outside there has been lots of big play where the children have worked together to build different obstacle courses. They have used a range of equipment and have been busy balancing, weaving and climbing over and under!

They have also been jumping through the hoops!

The children have been showing an interest in bubbles this week too.

We made big bubbles using large hoops on the tuff spot. We tried hard to hold the hoops with good control and were amazed by the size of the bubbles we made!

Minibeast exploration!

The children have continued to explore minibeasts this week and have been learning about the different features minibeasts have. They have been busy counting legs and looking at the shapes and sizes of minibeasts they have found.

They have been including their ideas about different minibeasts in their play. The children worked together to construct a long caterpillar using the ‘popoids’. They talked to each other about how they would make the caterpillar and then shared the resources showing good turn taking skills too. They played with the caterpillar guiding it along the floor in Pre – School and even began to talk about how long it was compared to them!

The children took part in the Science Week that was happening in the school. They joined with children from all over the school to make Minibeast Mansions in the welly boot area.

The children enjoyed going on a minibeast hunt and thought carefully about where they might find the minibeasts. They used their minibeast sheet to record which ones they had found.

The children also helped to make different ‘rooms’ suitable for the minibeasts on the minibeast mansion and they enjoyed working alongside the older children with the different activities.

Letters home: