Year 6 celebrate VE Day

Today, Year 6 held their very own VE (Victory in Europe) Day. The children welcomed their parents into the hall and showed them their World War II world leader portraits, handmade teddies and the fantastic pieces of work they have produced this term. They also sang some songs, participated in skipping games and showed their parents a range of WWII artefacts. After this, we enjoyed our VE afternoon tea party- a wonderful afternoon was had by all!




Girl’s County Football Championships

This Wednesday the girl’s football team represented Tewkesbury at the ESFA County Girls Finals at Oxstalls Sports Centre in Gloucester. There was a brilliant display of skill and determination from everyone involved. It was this skill and sportsmanship that meant the girls won 3 out of their 5 matches, conceding only 2 goals in the whole tournament! It was a very close competition and so it all came down to the final round of matches where C of E was currently leading in 1st place but we needed the other two games to draw to guarantee an overall victory.

Unfortunately it was not meant to be and so C of E placed 3rd overall. I am immensely proud (and the girls should be too) for their continuous positive attitude and for securing 3rd place in the county for the 2nd year in a row! Well done all!

Year 6 lead the Remembrance Assembly

This morning, at 10.45am, Year 6 led the Remembrance Assembly before to the 2 minute silence at 11am. The pupils sang, ‘Keep the home fires burning’, read poems they’d written and called out a roll of honour to commemorate the fallen soldiers from Tewkesbury. The pupils showed the utmost respect -Mr Shaw and Miss Davis were incredibly proud of the them and how they conducted themselves.


Football Champions

Congratulations to the Boys Football Team for a terrific display of skill and sportsmanship! As reigning champions, the bar was set high for the boys entering this tournament but they powered through and won every match, without conceding a single goal! Great work boys! Now on to the County Finals!

Year 6 are artists!

For the past two weeks, Year 6 have been developing their artistic skills. We began by looking at techniques that would help us add detail to our sketches. Once we had developed these skills, we drew a portrait of our learning partner or ourselves, adding as much detail as possible. After that, we mastered our skills drawing the world leaders from World War II using different mediums including pencil, charcoal and chalk.

We were incredibly lucky to have Hilary (Evan’s mum) visit to teach the class about ink-printing. She took groups of children to create mesmerising pieces of art. A big thank you to her for kindly offering to help us!

The children’s artwork will be showcased next half-term (alongside their teddies and other projects we have created) when we host our VE celebration day. More information for parents will follow in due course.


Year 6 Make Do and Mend!

This week, Year 6 have taken on the roles of seamstresses and seamsters. In 1943, the British Ministry released a campaign for UK citizens to ‘make do and mend’. The children were tasked with creating a teddy for their evacuation suitcases using  only donated fabrics, needles and thread. Both classes did incredibly well and applied their growth mindset to this task, learning new stitches and sewing buttons with excellent results!

A big thank you to all the parents that helped us during this incredible week of learning!



Year 6 are wartime cooks

This week, Year 6 have been learning about rationing during World War II. On Monday, we planned a week’s worth of meals using rationing coupons. The children quickly realised this was a hard task and their meals were meagre in comparison to the meals we eat nowadays. At the start of the week we also began our ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign and picked/ dug up a variety of fruits and vegetables from the school’s garden. These were then washed and scrubbed by the classes and ready for our challenge: to create 3 wartime meals!

Throughout the week, we made homemade bread, a corned beef and vegetables dish and apple fruit cake.

We would like to thank Morrisons, Tesco and Aldi who all kindly donated items of food for our cooking week. We had the most wonderful week washing, preparing and cooking our meals!






Year 6 evacuated to the countryside

On Thursday 19th September, children from Tewkesbury C of E Primary School bid farewell to their parents and embarked on an evacuation adventure to discover more about World War II.

Once the children had arrived at Winchcombe railway station, they stepped through a time portal and were transported back to 1940! Shortly after travelling through time, a steam train arrived and the children boarded. Whilst some children felt apprehensive, others felt a sense of excitement for the journey ahead. To keep the children entertained for their journey to Cheltenham, some friendly villagers entertained the children with World War II songs. After we had finished singing our songs, we encountered a German spy but luckily our teachers were able to help arrest him and we continued merrily on our journey.

Throughout the day, the children were given training to learn how to fight fires caused by incendiary bombs, experienced an air raid and learned about what they would be expected to do while they were evacuated in the country for the duration of the war. We also had the opportunity to dress up in 1940s attire and explore items we had never encountered before- like a tea cosy, chamber pot and rug beater.





Year 6 commence spy training

On Wednesday, Year 6 discovered a confidential envelope- of course we felt compelled to open it! Inside were some important documents including an alphabet code and a map of the surroundings. We discovered clues and pieces of a puzzle around the school to help us solve the code, which spelt out ‘Friend or Foe.’