County Finals

Some brilliant footwork from the Girl’s football team this week as they represented Tewkesbury at the County Finals Football competition. The girls played fantastically and while we just missed out on going to the regional finals it is a pleasure to have secured 3rd place in the whole County!

Year 6 – Anti-Bullying 2018 #chooserespect

As part of National Anti-Bullying Week 2018, children in Year 6 took part in an afternoon of workshops.

Children discussed what bullying is, the types of bullying and how it can make people feel. Following this, children considered how bullying can be prevented and what each person can do if they witness bullying occurring.

As a year group, Year 6 watched the Pixar animation ‘For the Birds’ and considered why this animation highlighted aspects of bullying and discussed the types of bullying that were present throughout the story. Children explored each character in the animation (the victim, the perpetrators and the witnesses) and were encouraged to think about the role of each in detail.

Following this, children designed t-shirts as an opportunity to express themselves, show their individuality and celebrate their differences, incorporating the slogan #chooserespect in order to symbolise the respect they have for each others’ skills and abilities. The children also reminded themselves of the school’s anti-bullying charter, reviewed each aspect and signed it to show their agreement in ‘stamping out bullying at our school’.

We are really proud to report that our Year 6 children dealt with the topic of bullying in a very grown up way and the quality and depth of discussion that was had reflected very mature thinking and understanding.

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First Aid Training for Pupils

Today, Year 6 (and other children from across the school) took part in Emergency First Aid training workshops.

Children participated in this essential training enthusiastically, taking part with practical activities as well as asking many important questions. Throughout the training, children developed their knowledge and understanding of what to do if they come across someone who requires emergency first aid and perfected their skills in emergency first aid procedures.

Would you know what to do in an emergency? Do you know what to do if someone is suffering from a cardiac arrest? How would you recognise a stroke? What would you do to help someone if they were suffering from a stroke? DR ABC can help! FAST could save your life! Ask your child about DR ABC and FAST.

Children enjoyed the Emergency First Aid training – it was very informative and all children understand the importance of the training as one day, they may be required to use this training to help save a life.

Year 6 Win Maths Challenge!

On Tuesday 9th October, four marvellous mathematicians took part in a Maths Challenge at Deans Close School, Cheltenham.

Our Year 6 mathematicians were challenged with three rounds of tricky maths questions, including solving worded problems, countdown and even algebra! However, the problems didn’t phase our Year 6s and one of our teams landed the top spot to win the Cheltenham Year 6 Maths Challenge.

We are proud of all our Year 6s for representing the school so well and also for demonstrating their excellent mathematical knowledge.

Congratulations to Ollie and Amy and also to Ollie and Eva!

WW2 Evacuation Day

On Thursday 20th September, a cold, wet and dreary day, children from Tewkesbury C of E Primary School bid farewell to their parents and embarked on an evacuation adventure to discover more about World War 2.

Children arrived at Winchcombe Railway Station and were greeted by local farmers and villagers who were going to guide them through evacuation experience. Shortly after their arrival at the station, the steam train arrived and the children boarded. To keep them entertained for the long journey to Cheltenham, friendly villagers entertained the children with tales and stories as well as songs of the day.

Throughout the day, children were given training to learn how to fight fires caused by incendiary bombs, experienced an air raid and learned about what they would be expected to do while they were evacuated in the country for the duration of the war.

Click HERE to see more photos of the children’s evacuation experience.