The tiger who came to school!

Mrs Arnold told the children that when she came in to school this morning the classroom was very untidy. She asked the office staff to check the CCTV cameras to see who had made all of the mess.

The children were very shocked to see that the tiger had visited our classrooms! We talked about the different things he had been doing such as jumping on the tables, painting with all of the paints and eating all of the pears!

We then wrote sentences using the -ing suffix to show what he had been up to!

The children then spent the rest of the day looking out for the tiger and investigating paw prints and scratch marks that they had found!

This afternoon they wrote their own signs and have hoped to entice him into school again using a trail of raisins and arrows marking the route!

They even created a home for him in the role play house

Great team work, problem solving and independent writing skills Class 3!

First Aid Training for Year 1

Today the children in year one received First Aid training.

We talked abut the difference between needing first aid and hospital treatment and sorted a range of pictures for each type.

We then talked about what we would do in an emergency and what number we should phone. The children were aware they needed to call ‘999’.

Our trainer Neil then told us the information we need to give to the operator in an emergency such as our name, address and phone number.

The children were shown how to put someone in the recovery position and then spent some time practising this with a partner.

We had fun learning this important life skill!  


Year 1 Have a Tiger-y surprise!

Year 1 had a special delivery today. We received a large orange and black striped box. Inside there was a “lost” poster, explaining that someone had lost their tiger. The poster had a very clear description of the tiger, including his appearance and personality. Have you seen a loose tiger around? We haven’t seen one yet but we will be keeping a look out. There were also two pumpkin tiger heads to remind us what to look out for, and a large book of the story, The Tiger Who Came to Tea.


We also had a letter from a girl called Sophie, asking for our help to find her tiger. She said that she had given us a tiger-y treat in the hope of persuading us to help her. Inside a tin there was an orange cake. When we cut it open we found the cake was tiger striped! It was orange and black. Everyone had a piece while we listened to the story, and really enjoyed it. We look forward to learning more about The Tiger Who Came to Tea over the coming weeks, and learning how to describe characters.

Year 1 Trip to Birdland

Year 1 had a fabulous trip at Birdland today. Birdland provides excellent opportunities to support the year 1 science objectives that we are working on currently (to identify and name examples of reptiles, mammals, fish, birds and amphibians and to compare the structures of different animals). As the name suggests, their main focus is birds …

More special visitors in Year 1 Science!

This week’s lesson was to identify the features of mammals, and as part of this both classes had a visit from two rabbits. We studied their structure and drew and labelled a picture of a rabbit. We compared the structure of rabbits to less typical mammals such as whales, dolphins and seals.

Year 1 have special visitors in this week’s science lesson!

Both year 1 classes had special visitors this week for their lesson on identifying the features of birds. Mrs Ingles brought in two of her chickens, and to our great excitement one laid an egg in the afternoon! This chicken is friendly and tolerated being stroked by everyone in class 4. Both classes had the opportunity to study the chickens closely and discuss the specific anatomy – beak, wings, feathers and claws -which characterise birds. We were interested to note that birds have scaly legs, evidence of their evolution from the dinosaurs! Each child drew a detailed sketch of one chicken and labelled the features.

Year 1 visit Holy Trinity for Baptism lesson

On Wednesday Year 1 visited Holy Trinity Church in Tewkesbury to learn about the Christian Baptism ceremony. We have been learning about belonging, and what it means to belong to a group – whether a school group, Rainbows, Beavers, swimming club or belonging to a faith. We learnt that Christian parents might choose to welcome their baby into the Christian faith by having their baby baptised. Lucy Betts, Holy Trinity’s Family Coordinator showed us how the parents introduce their baby, choose Godparents, and how the baby is baptised in the font. We sang a hymn too. Thank you very much to Holy Trinity for our lesson.

Stomp, Chomp, Roar Roar, Here Come the Dinosaurs!

Today Year 1 enjoyed their dinosaur-themed topic launch day. We arrived dressed as paleontologists to hear that there were some dinosaurs on the loose in the school grounds! We set off on a dinosaur safari to find and photograph them. Later in the morning we made salt dough fossils and dinosaur skeleton pictures. Of course there was lots of time to read dinosaur stories and act them out in our small world area. In the afternoon we played dinosaur games in the hall. We had lots of fun!



End of Year Board Games

As we reach the end of Year 1, the children are enjoying playing traditional board games with their friends. They are sharing beautifully with others, including everyone and showing excellent sportsmanship. Happy memories!