Celebration Assembly!

Every Friday we gather together for an assembly which recognises children who have impressed staff with their work, attitude or behaviour. These children receive a certificate which goes on our whole school celebration board for all to see. Children who reach their DoodleMaths target join the celebrations and receive a certificate to recognise their achievements. We also update …

We have been busy in Pre – School!

We have been very busy in Pre – School over the last few weeks!

The children have continued to learn about their senses. They have been making textured collages using a range of media and materials. They have described the different textures and how the materials felt. They have been using words such as soft, bumpy, rough, hard, furry amongst many others!

The children have been making bread after reading the story about The Little Red Hen. The children had to follow the recipe carefully and make sure they measured the ingredients accurately. They talked about the changes they could see happening to the ingredients and how they made the bread. The children used their senses to smell the delicious bread as it baked in the oven!

The children have also been enjoying their time out on welly boot making faces with leaves, sticks and bark they have found in the natural environment!

Year 4 – We are Engineers!

This week, year 4 have been making shadufs. Children planned, prepared materials and assembled all components to make these hand-operated water lifting devices used by the Ancient Egyptians. The children especially enjoyed using a hack saw to cut their own wood! Although faced with some challenges during the build, the children were able to persevere and create working models. After some careful reflection, children talked about what they thought went well and what they could change next time in order to enhance the quality of their builds.

Year 4 Team

Year 2 Trip to the Library

This term Tewkesbury Library sent us a letter telling us that they did not have enough books about the Victorian Era. So, over the last few weeks Year 2 have been putting on their historian hats and learning all about what life was like when Queen Victoria reigned. Each class compiled all of the information they found into class books and sent them off to the library. Last Friday, Librarian Rachel invited us to see our books on the shelf. We had a brilliant morning exploring the library, sharing stories and even creating our own Penny Black stamps.

A huge thank you to Rachel and Tewkesbury Library for allowing us to visit, we hope to come back soon!

Dinosaur diets!

Today we explored dinosaur diets.

We discussed the different teeth that dinosaurs have and talked about how we know which dinosaurs are meat eaters (carnivores) and which are plant eaters (herbivores) by looking at the shape of their teeth.

We set up an experiment to investigate the dinosaur teeth.

We used staple removers to mimic the sharp teeth, rocks for flat, grinding teeth and then cotton wool for meat and leaves for plants.

We practised ‘eating’ the foods by grinding the leaves between the two rocks and chopping the cotton wool into pieces between the stapler. We then tried to chop the cotton wool between the rocks which wasn’t very successful and the stapler wasn’t very good at grinding the plants!

We then talked about which set of teeth worked best for each food.

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our experiment!



Half Term Holiday Premier League Primary Stars Poetry Competition

Dear Parents,

During the coming half term holiday, do you anticipate those magical words ‘but I’m so bored’ surfacing? If so, then this optional home learning activity might be for you.
We want to offer our pupils the opportunity to write poems any style of poem they like based on the theme of resilience, entitled Try, Try Again, linked to our school wide Growth Mindset theme. You might recognise that as the title of the poem used in the TV advert for Premier League Primary Stars – it encourages you to work hard and to never give up.
Link to advert:
We would like to set this as (an optional) half term challenge where the children take time to think about what resilience means to them, and if there are any areas in their life that require them to be resilient.

Key information

  • The competition is open from Thursday 28 September 2017 – National Poetry Day – until the end of the autumn term – Friday 22 December 2017.
  • There are two categories – one for pupils in Key Stage 1 and one for those in Key Stage 2.
  • Individual or group entries are allowed for Key Stage 1, only individual entries for Key Stage 2.
  • Poems should be no more than 20 lines or 150 words and be on the theme of resilience.
  • Pupils can continue the Try, Try Again poem or start a new poem. Poems can be of any structure and don’t have to rhyme.


There will be a top national prize and 10 regional prizes for each category (Key stage 1 and Key stage 2).

Prizes for national winners:
– A visit to your school by a children’s author or poet to lead a poetry workshop, plus the Premier League Trophy!
– The winning poems read aloud by a Premier League star and captured on film

Prizes for regional winners and national winners:
– An invitation to an exclusive award ceremony in March 2018 in London
– The winning poems featured in an illustrated book of Premier League Writing Stars poems
– A framed version of the winning poems
– Premier League football kit

There will also be some brilliant bags full to the brim with poetry books up for grabs for the first 1,000 schools who submit entries!

We would like all (handwritten or word processed) entries to be in by Friday 3rd November and handed into the entry box in the school office. All poems should be created on A4 paper, which, if required, can be collected from the office. We will upload these entries and send them off to be judged, and then await to hear whether we have any regional or national winners!
Best Wishes and Happy Writing
Mr Hibell and Mr Scorer