Pioneer Day 3

Wednesday morning started early with a lot of bleary eyed faces in Yukon Lodge, the teachers included! Once packed we headed off to breakfast where a choice of cereals, toast and a hot breakfast were on offer. This was quickly devoured and we headed off to our first activities of the day (Raft building, High ropes and Abseiling/Zip Line). Any tired faces quickly disappeared and were replaced with excitement and laughter.

Many of the children overcame their fear of heights and completed multiple abseils and climbed to the tallest obstacle on the high ropes (more than 10 metres high)! Afterwards all groups joined together on the field for some team building games. It’s safe to say that the children worked up an appetite and were soon asking what time lunch was. We settled down on the field, under a clear blue sky and warming sun and talked about our favourite activities. The instructors also handed out some awards to children who they thought demonstrated particularly high levels of determination, communication and teamwork skills.
It wasn’t long until lunch was over and the coach was calling us home. We quickly piled on, waved goodbye to our fantastic instructors and headed back south to home.
The Year 4 team hope that all the children thoroughly enjoyed their experience at the Pioneer Centre and have taken away some important skills and powerful memories. Well done to everyone for pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone and giving every activity a try!

Pioneer Centre – Day 1

Today Year 4 set off on our eagerly awaited residential to the Pioneer Centre. When we arrived we were welcomed by the fantastic staff who showed us to our lodge. Each group was given a tour of the facilities and shown the different activities which they would be completing. We were soon split into our groups and were heading towards our first session (Archery, Raft building, High ropes & Climbing). All the children performed brilliantly and were full of energy and demonstrated teamwork and problem solving skills. This was then followed by another activity before heading off for our tea.

In the evening, we gathered around the crackling fire and sang campfire songs which we’re sure you’ll hear upon our return. A number of children and Mr Stanton even took part in the good old pioneer tradition of Speed banana eating!
After showers, we settled down to a drink and biscuit before making our way to bed after an exhausting first day.

Year 4 Anglo-Saxon Day

Last Friday, Year 4 was hurled back in time all the way to the Anglo-Saxon age! When they arrived, the children were greeted by King Harold Godwinson, Duke William of Normandy and Lady Guinevere who took them through a number of different Anglo-Saxon activities. In the morning, the children took part in Brooch making, Rune …

Harvest Festival 2021

A massive thank you to all those who contributed food this year for Harvest Festival. This will be passed on the Tewkesbury Food bank.

Thank you to Lucy Betts and Stephen Walker for leading our Harvest celebrations assembly!

We can’t wait to get back to our usual routine of attending Holy Trinity church to perform our usual Harvest celebrations with parents in attendance, but this year we made the best of it by getting together as a school and performing songs, reading poems and giving thanks for the Harvest.

However, to give a sense of the wonderful singing ability of our pupils, have a listen to the this whole school performance of iSingPop’s “A Brighter Day”.

Clay Scarab Beetles

Why were Scarab Beetles so important in Ancient Egyptian Culture? This was the question that Year 4 were researching at the start of the year. We were tasked with presenting our findings on a digital display as well as creating scaled model. This week, Amber and Quartz classes designed and made beetles out of clay using a variety of techniques including moulding and joining using the score and slip technique. I’m sure you would agree the outcomes are fantastic!