Harvest Festival 2021

A massive thank you to all those who contributed food this year for Harvest Festival. This will be passed on the Tewkesbury Food bank.

Thank you to Lucy Betts and Stephen Walker for leading our Harvest celebrations assembly!

We can’t wait to get back to our usual routine of attending Holy Trinity church to perform our usual Harvest celebrations with parents in attendance, but this year we made the best of it by getting together as a school and performing songs, reading poems and giving thanks for the Harvest.

However, to give a sense of the wonderful singing ability of our pupils, have a listen to the this whole school performance of iSingPop’s “A Brighter Day”.

Clay Scarab Beetles

Why were Scarab Beetles so important in Ancient Egyptian Culture? This was the question that Year 4 were researching at the start of the year. We were tasked with presenting our findings on a digital display as well as creating scaled model. This week, Amber and Quartz classes designed and made beetles out of clay using a variety of techniques including moulding and joining using the score and slip technique. I’m sure you would agree the outcomes are fantastic!