Day 4 Oaker Wood (Thursday)

Today saw us tackling most of the adrenaline high rope activities: crate stacking, the quick jump challenge, zip wire, monkey climb and the gladiator obstacle.

Some groups also enjoyed shooting pistols, rifles and crossbows down at the shooting range.

This evening, the children had a fish & chip dinner followed by the ‘Tewkesbury C of E Talent Show.’ Talents included: breakdancing, singing/rapping, TikTok dances and magic tricks!



Oaker Wood Residential- Day 3 (Wednesday)

It’s been another sunny day here at Oaker Wood. Today, the children have enjoyed a session at Wild Camp where they went on a nature scavenger hunt and were tasked with building waterproof dens. During the waterproof testing, the children got a little wet! Whilst at the camp, they also enjoyed toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate.


Other activities today have included: target shooting, crate stacking, krypton woodland (team building games) and, one of the most anticipated activities, the Leap of Faith.We are incredibly proud of how the children have pushed themselves today and shown resilience, bravery and teamwork skills.

This evening, we had a camp fire, making smores and roasting even more marshmallows! The evening also included a spontaneous water fight where Miss Davis & Mr Rylatt were thoroughly soaked- see the photo below of Mr Rylatt roasting his shoe to help it dry!


Year 6 Oaker Wood Visit- Day 2 (Tuesday)

We have had yet another excellent day at Oaker Wood. The children woke up very cheery and ready to enjoy the day’s activities. Today, the children have enjoyed 3 activities: Paintballing, Pizza making & Capture the Flag.

Paintball was an exhilarating activity and the children experienced 3 different games. Although they were keen to hit the staff, they couldn’t identify us with all our gear on!

We finished the night with a chip shop delivery, camp fire and lots of fun games!

Year 6 Trip to Oaker Wood- Day 1 (Monday)

Wow! What a fantastic start we have had to our residential!

The sun has been shining, and even better, we were able to relax in the glorious weather whilst rafting this afternoon. Some children even went for a little swim at the end of the session!

This afternoon, the children have also enjoyed the low ropes course and working as a team to tackle some challenging tasks!


Year 6 enjoy post-SATs celebration day!

On Friday, to celebrate the completion their SATS assessments, Year 6 enjoyed a day filled with fun activities. The sun was shining and the children were encouraged to relax and spend their time outdoors as the music played!

The children took the opportunity to play rounders and football; teach each other new dance routines and play the game ‘Smash the Moustache!’ In the afternoon, the children also enjoyed a picnic on the field.

We would like to say a HUGE well done to Year 6. You have worked incredibly hard this week and we are so proud of your attitude and focus during your tests.




Pearl class celebrate World Book Day

Last Friday, Pearl class enjoyed a variety of activities, encouraging them to read.

The day began with a quick tutorial from Rob Biddulph (former World Book Day official illustrator). The children learnt how to draw a cartoon-style bookmark. Look at some of their bookmarks below!

Then, they went into the Reading Den where they enjoyed snuggling in between duvets and blankets and listening to both Miss Davis & Mrs Tonkin read our Class Reader book ‘Goodnight Mister Tom.’ They also loved the watching the starry night sky in the den whilst drinking our hot chocolates!

Next up was the Reading Cafe. As our classroom has an extensive reading book corner, the children enjoyed exploring the different genres it has to offer. They spent some time devouring books (and biscuits).

After this, the class went on a Book Scavenger Hunt where they were given a list of items they needed to find on book covers…. we had such a fun time!

Finally, they spent the afternoon designing artwork based around the genre of Mystery for the school library’s competition.


GCHQ Visitors

Last week, we welcomed two GCHQ employees who taught us about the history of coding (from the Roman times, to more recently, World War II) and how coding has significantly shaped British history.

We were taught about steganography (the practice of hiding secret messages in plain sight). We learnt that people, through history, have used steganography. One way this was done was by shaving someone’s head and writing a secret message before waiting for their hair to grow back! Once their hair had grown enough, they would send the message to the recipient and have their hair shaved off again so the message could be read! More recently, we were told, coders have hid messages within pixelated pictures.

We also learnt about transposition. We were tasked with wrapping a slip of paper around wooden sticks (with different-sized diameters). We then wrote a secret message before passing this onto another group who had a different-sized stick. The code didn’t work! We were told that the recipient of the message would need the same ‘key’. We were shown Caesar’s Ciphers (a coding tool) and encrypted messages before passing them to another group who needed to decode the code.

After this, we learnt more about coding during World War II. We learnt about the various coding machines used, including: Enigma, Lorenz and the MK2. We also learnt how the team at Bletchley Park used the Bombe machine and Colossus computer to crack German encrypted messages.

Finally, we were given the opportunity to explore various WWII artefacts.


Pearl Class Make Do & Mend

For the past two weeks, Pearl Class have been learning about the World War II campaign, Make Do and Mend. This campaign encouraged people to get as much wear as possibly out of the clothes they already had. This could be done through making new items of clothing from pieces of garments they already had or by mending their clothes. Toys were also in short supply during the war so often mothers would make their children teddy bears from scraps of material they had.

Miss Davis set us a challenge of designing and making a teddy bear using odd pieces of materials. However, before we could do this, we needed to learn how to sew.

In our first week of sewing lessons, we were taught how to: create a running stitch, back stitch and over stitch, end a line of stitches and sew 2-hole and 4-hole buttons to material. We displayed excellent resilience and independence during these lessons, making Miss Davis very proud indeed!


During the second week, we learnt how to: pin a paper pattern to material, cut fabric carefully, sew two pieces of fabric together with a stitch of our choosing, stuff the teddy bears (with leftover materials) and finish them off with an overstitch to keep the stuffing inside. Some children even added ‘extras’ to their bears such as suitcases, clothes & charms!


We are incredibly proud of our teddy bears! Thank you to all of the parents who came in to assist us with our sewing project.



Year 6 learn about Henry Moore

This week, Year 6 have been learning about the official World War II wartime artist, Henry Moore.

We began our REAL Curriculum lessons by visiting the Henry Moore Museum in school. The children read interesting facts about his life and observed the various sculptures and drawings he had created during his life. Once back in class, we created an information page all about him.



In the following lesson, we learnt about the colours Moore used in his shelter drawings. We then experimented, using various mediums of art including: ink pens, watercolour pencils, oil pastels and charcoal, to create colours similar to his work.


In the next session, we observed the figures in Moore’s ‘Shelter Drawings’. We noticed how the figures, whilst sheltering in the London Underground, were usually sitting or lying down. We then practised drawing figures.


During our final lesson, we learnt about perspective and the vanishing point. We then recreated one of Moore’s famous wartime sketches which showed the people sheltering underground within the tunnels. The children were super proud of their artwork and their work looks fantastic!




Year 6 Dance Workshop

On Friday, Year 6 welcomed more visitors into the school. We were fortunate to attend a  dance workshop run by H&T Creative (an arts organisation) which taught us all about plastic pollution through the medium of dance.


The first task was to sort the everyday plastic items, that we frequently use, into how many years we thought they would take to decompose. We were quite shocked by how long some plastics took to break down completely!

After that, we discussed how plastics are made and we worked in small groups to create a dance based on factories producing plastics.

Here are some of our photos from the workshop: