Year 6 become scientists

In the last few weeks, Year 6 have been learning all about the circulatory system. We began our science topic with the ‘Blood in the bottle’ experiment, where the children learnt about plasma, white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets! The children then created posters, explaining the function of each of the components of blood.


Once we had learnt all about the blood, we began to look at the heart. We enjoyed participating in an experiment which showed us how the heart (which is a muscle) works!

After this, we learnt in-depth how the heart pumps blood around the body and learnt some tricky, scientific vocabulary! The classes were then tasked with creating a model of the human heart and providing a written or audio explanation, recounting how the heart works!

Here are some of the fabulous models:


Year 6 become artists

Our topic for Spring term is ‘Inspirational Inventors’ and for the past two weeks, Year 6 have been learning about a famous artist called Michael Lang. He is renowned for his mechanical art paintings which feature cogs, screws and chains.

To begin our art lessons, the children completed some observational drawings of cogs in isolation.  Here are some of the children’s cogs:



We then drew interlocking cogs:



Finally, we focused on Michael Lang’s artwork named Harmony 8. We divided the painting into 12 parts and pupils chose one section of the piece to recreate using a range of different mediums:



The Year 6 team think the children have produced some intricate designs and exquisite pieces of art in the last two weeks and I’m sure you’d agree with us!

Year 6 become artists

As part of our World War II studies, the Year 6 pupils have been working incredibly hard to refine their sketching techniques in the recent weeks. They began by learning about texture, tone and shading and how artists use these. Then, the children were given tutorials on how to draw different facial parts; there were some intricately-detailed eyes and noses!

Finally, the pupils attempted to sketch a World War II leader. We’re sure you’d agree that they did a great job! Can you guess the leaders?




Year 6 Welcome GCHQ Visitor

On Tuesday 3rd November, Year 6 welcomed a visitor from GHCQ. At the beginning of the session, the children learnt about the history of coding (did you know Mary Queen of Scots and Julius Caesar sent encrypted messages to their armies?)

Then they practised using different techniques to help them code messages (including steganography- hiding messages in plain sight and substitution- changing letters for others).

After learning these skills, our visitor explained the importance of coding and how it played a vital role in World War II. The pupils were introduced to Bletchley Park, Alan Turing and the encrypted machine the Germans used, the Enigma.

Finally, the pupils explored World War II artefacts.


PC Pete Curtis Visits Year 6

On Monday, PC Pete Curtis visited both classes to deliver an E-Safety workshop. The children learnt about:

  • personal, private information and what they should/should not share online
  • How to report issues online
  • criminal responsibility and the consequences of cyberbullying


The children were fantastic and enjoyed many discussions with our local officer; they cannot wait until their next workshop with him!


Cooking in 1940s Kitchen

This week, Year 6 have enjoyed learning new culinary skills, including sieving, chopping and kneading.

On Monday, using our rationed ingredients, we prepared and baked some fresh bread (for starters). The children learnt how to measure and combine their ingredients before kneading and proving the dough, ready for the oven.

The following day, the classes made a classic 1940s main dish, combining corned beef with the freshly dug vegetables from the school’s allotment. They learnt how to wash and clean the vegetables in readiness to prepare for the dish. They then learnt how to cut carrots, onions, leeks, cabbages and potatoes.

Finally, to finish their 3 course meal, the children made their dessert today: Apple Fruit Cake. The children weighed and sifted the flour before combining sugar, butter, eggs, apples and raisins.

This was by far the favourite dish of the week!

A huge thank you to our local supermarkets for kindly donating some ingredients to make our wartime cooking experience a triumph!






Year 6 Dig for Victory

In preparation for next week’s cooking lessons, Year 6 ventured into the school’s garden patch.  The pupils recently learnt that many households grew their own vegetables (and some fruit) during World War II so they could have extra food alongside their rations. Today, they spent the afternoon digging up potatoes and carrots and picking runner beans and tomatoes. Once it was all picked, the children then washed  it, ready for their first cooking lesson on Monday!






Year 6 become microbiologists/ taxonomists

Year 6 have been incredibly busy since returning to school last Wednesday. Although things look very different at the moment, the children have settled well into their new routines.

In science, we have been learning about living things, including microbes (germs). Last week, we started an experiment to see if germs really multiplies on dirty hands. One week later and the results are in! Today, we observed the mould that has been growing on the bread we touched with dirty hands. In contrast, the bread we touched with clean hands has no mould! We also conducted a second experiment where we observed the effects of soap.

We have also looked at other living things- animals! We started the week by developing an understanding of classification keys using liquorice allsorts. We then learnt about Carl Linnaeus and his classification system.





Year 6- ‘Musicals Week’

This week Year 6 should have looked very different. The children were due to sit their SATS, however, from the comfort of their homes, the children have learnt about an array of musicals!

Monday: School of Rock

The children started their day by watching a performance of the song ‘You’re in the Band’ from the School of Rock musical. They studied influential rock artists and bands and then redesigned our school uniform to make it more rockin’!

There were some fantastic designs and some pupils even convinced their younger siblings to model their outfits!

Tuesday: Hairspray

We visited the States to learn about the 1960s. Pupils participated in a dance workshop, learning dance moves from the 60s. They also read about Rosa Parks, a civil rights activist.

Wednesday: Matilda

Year 6 became film critics! They grabbed their popcorn and settled down to watch the musical before writing their own reviews on the performance. In the afternoon, pupils learnt the song ‘Revolting Children’ and created their own music video!

Thursday: Lion King

The children made puppets and backdrops to recreate their favourite Lion King scene. They were fantastic!

Friday: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Year 6 became budding  entrepreneurs! They designed and made their own chocolate bars, promoted them with posters and adverts and studied the history of Cadbury’s!



Year 6 Home Learning


Wow, what a busy two weeks Year 6 have had! Both Miss Davis and Mr Shaw have been impressed with the pupils’ mature attitude and independence in working at home; the quality of the work produced has been magnificent!

In previous weeks, Year 6 had learnt survival skills that would prove useful in the Stone Age. With the support of our wonderful parents, we were able to continue learning new skills and last week pupils made weapons/tools for hunting, learnt how to navigate using the stars and practiced various knots that could prove vital in the wild!



This week, the children were asked to write a survival guide which explained how to complete each of the survival tasks. We have been blown away by the quality of writing!

In addition to this, the classes were challenged to learn more about Stonehenge as our ‘Ages Ago’ topic concluded. Tasked with researching theories about how the monument was built, the pupils then created their own Stonehenge.


We hope you all have a wonderful Easter,

Miss Davis and Mr Shaw