Year 5 sing Livin’ on a Prayer

Pupils in Year 5 sing ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ at the end of their music unit about Bon Jovi and classic rock music. They have worked hard this term and have developed their ability to harmonise with each other, as well as control their vocal timbre to be loud but without shouting. Have a listen by below.

Year 6 lead Remembrance Assembly

Year 6 lead Remembrance Assembly

Pupils in year 6 today led the whole school in marking Remembrance day.

Having spent the week looking at the events around WW1 – including analysing poetry by WW1 poets such as Wilfred Owen and John McCrae – they created their own poetry and pieces of art inspired by what they had learned.

As part of our Remembrance assembly, they shared their poetry and art with the whole school and led prayers and the reading out of the Roll of Honour of those from Tewkesbury who gave their lives to fight in WW1. It was well delivered and moving assembly and the pupils can be very proud of their efforts.

Here is some of the art

Here is the poem written by Sofia, Patrick, Trystan and Evie which captures the horror and hopelessness of WW1

We are the dead

Forever in my dead dreams,

I am stuck in the hopeless land of dread,

this nightmare rewinds again in my head.


The battlefield appears in my mind,

the gas leaking out from behind,

the toxic fumes with lungs consumed,

my fellow soldier, in illness, was marooned.


His gouged eyes, white and writhing,

his dirty and soiled blood was rising,

his decayed body fell to the ground.

In the gas, his lungs drowned.


At least hidden in the poppies,

he was safe and sound.

brave and heroic, he was crowned.


Moving on, I too fell,

too busy watching him die

to fit my clumsy helmet,

I let out a wounded cry.


The gaping hole in my face

could not compare to that in my heart.

Now in heaven I solemnly fly,

to the earth I said goodbye.


The hope I left in my legacy,

for all the wars to end,

was destroyed by the fact,

I didn’t know who was foe or friend






Cool Aeronautics

Cool Aeronautics

On Friday 30th June a small group of Year 6 pupils attended the Cool Aeronautics 2017 event at the Jet Age Museum in Gloucester.

The day was broken into a succession of fast moving talks, events and activities aimed at introducing children to aviation and engineering. During the morning, children learned about the history of flight and Gloucestershire’s long association with aeronautics. They t

hen toured the museum and enjoyed sitting in the cockpits of a Hawker Hunter fighter and Hawker Siddeley Trident airliner.

Across the afternoon, the group participated in a series of hands-on tasks. The undoubted highlight of these was the construction challenge organised by Safran Landing Systems. Despite being considerably outnumbered by children from other schools, Jessica Paginton, Sophie Paginton, Jacob Lutton and Niamh Brady produced easily the day’s quickest time (12 seconds) for assembling a replica of an Airbus liner’s landing gear.

All of the children enjoyed a fantastic day of learning at Cool Aeronautics and returned to school laden with their jelly bean prizes from Safran Landing Systems!

YR6 Ride for RNLI

On Friday 9th June, Pupils from Year 6 participated in a sponsored bike ride which took place on the school field and the money raised will be donated to the RNLI during their upcoming trip to the Isle of Wight. We raised well over a whopping £1000!

A special report by Thomas Singer

After more than a week of organising and preparing for this moment, the Year 6 staff and pupils were ready for the tough task ahead: they were about to ride 25 laps of the school field.

Some of the Year 6s felt brave an thought they could do 50, 75 or even 100 laps. Also, others decided to run laps in addition.

Our friends were also really supportive and gave us water and counted how many laps we had done. We all supported each other and gave each other encouragement and there were even some chants of support.

At the end, the children were rewarded with a bag of sweets as a thank you for being dedicated and support to each other.

Twenty-five laps of the school field is 5 miles and so, as there are 60 pupils in Year 6, this means that a total distance of 300 miles (more than the total return distance to the Isle of Wight).

When I spoke to Leo Berryman, an enthusiastic witness to this event, he told me “I really enjoyed the riding and had to be tough. Also, I got jelly legs when I got off my bike but carried on and did more running laps; I was very energetic that day and would definitely do it again.” I also spoke to Daniel Ward who said that he liked how every one supported each other.

So, if you had the opportunity to do something like this, would you?





Y6 Stone Age launch day

Special report by Ruby Wilson, Layla Watts and Olivia-Paige Chafer

On Thursday 18th May, Y6 had their launch day. It was about Cave men/women and how they would have survived in the Stone Age. We got dressed up and acted like we would’ve then for the whole day. The day was really interesting.

In the morning, we went outside and were put into tribes and were told to come up with a tribal name and to put this on our banners. The tribal names were:

  • The Scorpions
  • The Meat Batterers
  • The Cave of Legends
  • The Bone Crunchers.

We also had to perform a tribal dance to help identify ourselves.

After break, we had to do four different activities:

  • Cave painting
  • Making Fire
  • Hunting
  • Shelter making

With the cave painting, we sat in the ‘cave’ aka pirate ship and used charcoal to paint images of things from Stone Age times like people with spears and animals like mammoths and deer.

When we made fire we learnt to use flint to create a spark and light fires.

With hunting, Mr Swale taught us how hunt different Stone Age animals. For example with things living in trees we used a blow pipe, but with woolly mammoths we had to encircle the beast and surround it then use spears.

With shelter making we had to used natural materials to make a shelter, and be sure that we had a space to store carcasses from hunting.

We finished the day by doing some oral story telling, which was how they used to keep themselves entertained.

The day was inspiring and great fun. We look forward to learning more about our topic ‘Ages ago’.

Year 6 Animation Awards

Year 6 have been hard at work making stop-frame animations this term. Today these were showcased across the year group and several awards were given.

Best Voice Over – Untitled
Fahim Rahim


Best Set Design – The Police Chase
Nathan Winstone, Daniel Ward and Thomas Singer


Best Sound – It’s Clare
Owen Ricketts, Lara Davies, Isobel Teague and Harriet Gilder


Best Director – Super Grandpa 
Finley Lennon, Jacob Lutton and Archie Willoughby


Best Storyline – The Haunted Hollow Tree
Holly Long, Adriana Derlacz and Fearne Jones


Best Film – The Mad Scientist
Amelia Allen, Eva Whitehead and Jessica Paginton