Year 5 make planet themed cookies

This week for their home learning, Year 5 have been doing a range of creative space themed projects including making space biscuits, designing a meal for an astronauts and making posters advertising Mars as a holiday destination. They have also made fact files and Top Trumps about the solar system.

The whole of the Year 5 team are proud of the effort you have been putting in with all your work and helping at home.

Year 5 enjoy secondary school taster day

On Thursday this week, Year 5 enjoyed a taster day at Tewkesbury Comprehensive school. They took part in science lessons in one of the labs where they used the Bunsen burner. They also visited Maths, History and English lessons as well as exploring the canteen and sports facilities. Thank you for Tewkesbury School for organising.

Year 5 story telling SLAM

Year 5 started their new English unit about biographies, by thinking about interesting and humours events in their own lives. They worked on a personal (but not too personal) story and developed it before performing it to a partner or small groups. Some children felt confident enough to stand with a microphone and entertain us with their tale as part of a Story SLAM competition. They had to tell their true story without notes in an engaging way. They did exceptionally well! The winners had us gripped with a story of a family escape room experience, a tale of an accidental trip on a  closed motorway, and of a wrestling match – child versus Christmas tree.

Pupils perform their version of the Odyssey

Pupils in Year 5 performed their own version of Homer’s Odyssey to pupils and parents this week. The play was devised, rehearsed and performed in just over four afternoons. They worked incredibly hard and all pulled together to produce a wonderful performance on the night. Well done Year 5!



Year 5 Creative Curriculum news

We have been very busy in Year 5 with our Creative Curriculum over the last few weeks: we have been scientists exploring forces an designing parachutes; we have been geographers exploring the where? and when? of Ancient Greece and we have been story tellers, developing and devising our own stories based on Homer’s Odyssey.

Here are some photos of what we have been up to.

Story telling

Making Parachutes

Greek Timeline 



Y5 battle it out at the Medieval Festival

Last Friday, Y5 pupils took part in Tewkesbury Medieval Festival where they witnessed an argument between King Edward 4th and Queen Margaret of Anjou, rivals for the English throne. They took part in a carousel of activities to learn about the history of this, the Battle of Tewkesbury: music and dance, archery and spear drill, medieval camp visit and squire training (involving: charging the quintain and handling and using weapons).



Year 5 explore the Science of Roald Dahl

Pupils form Year 5 have visited the Cheltenham Science Festival today, where they watched a show by BBC Bitesize science presenter Jon Chase which explored the Science of Roald Dahl. They also got hands on with scientific exhibits and interactions presented by GE, GCHQ and other organisations.