Year 6 visit Winchcombe Steam

Yesterday, Year 6 travelled back to 1940 to experience a day in the life of an evacuee at Winchcombe Train Station.


After we had waved goodbye to our parents, we boarded the steam train heading for Winchcombe. We were enjoying singing wartime songs when, suddenly, a suspicious-looking man walked down the carriage and dropped a letter. After we’d read the envelope, our suspicions were confirmed-he was a German spy


Once we’d disembarked the train, we then learnt more about incendiary bombs and how problematic they were. The fire party in Winchcombe recruited us to join them and we learnt how to use a water stirrup pumps to extinguish any fires.


Suddenly, we heard the sound of an air raid siren, so we quickly had to dive into the nearest shelter. It was so dark in there that some of us were a little frightened. In here, we heard about some real-life experiences from people who lived through the war.


We were given the opportunity to meet Fred, a real-evacuee in World War II. We listened as he told us all about his experience and he answered questions we had about his time in the Oxfordshire countryside.


Towards the end of our visit, we visited the local museum where we learnt more about rationing and evacuation.  We also learnt more about children during the war and their schooling and what jobs they might undertake when evacuated to the countryside.



Egyptian Day

Egyptian Day

School was very different for the children in Year 4 last week, instead of being joined by our usual children, we were met with Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Gods and Goddesses!

The children took part in a range of fun activities, to experience what life would have been like during Egyptian times, including cooking, dancing, playing board games and they even took part in some mummification… yuck!

We all had a great day, the children looked amazing and the shortbreads were … DELICIOUS!