A busy start to our new term in Pre – School!

We have had a wonderful start back to our new term at Pre – School. The children have all settled in well and we have been busy learning about ourselves with our topic of ‘Marvellous Me’. We have spent time looking in the mirror to help us paint our portraits. We looked at our different …

Pre – School Sports Day Fun!

The Oak group from Pre-School enjoyed their Sports day fun this morning in the beautiful sunshine. They took part in running races, relay races and the traditional egg and spoon race. They also played some games such as throwing beanbags into a hoop. To finish the sports activities they joined in with some parachute fun! The children had …

The Evil Pea strikes!

This week Reception were asked to help with an emergency in the school kitchen. The Evil Pea was on the loose and had been causing all sorts of trouble with the vegetables. He had tied up the cucumbers, stuck the carrots to the fridge and placed the broccoli in the blender! The children were sent a special message …

Learning about fireworks

This week we have been talking all about fireworks.

We talked to our chatty chum, sharing our own experiences of fireworks and why we do or do not like them! Some of us love the bright colours and the glittery sparkles in the sky, but some of us also think that fireworks can be too loud!

To learn about fireworks we have been listening to the history behind why we have this special celebration on the 5th of November. We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and his terrible plan.

In our literacy learning we have been thinking of lots of ways to describe fireworks and we have been labelling pictures using our phonic sounds to help us.

We have also been learning lots of songs, rhymes and poems about firework.

In our Maths learning we have been thinking about 1 less than a number and how to take away amounts. To do this we sang a number rhyme to help us and we talked about how many fireworks would be left each time. We have also been doing lots of counting, especially backwards from 10!

We went out on welly boot altogether this week and had a very special treat!

We played a game of hide and seek and then we sang one of our favourite firework songs!

Here it is:


Once we had finished our song we had a chocolate sparkler and some hot chocolate to warm us up! It was delicious!

Reception learn about Diwali

We started our new topic of Let’s Celebrate by learning all about the festival of Diwali. We learnt about why the Hindu faith celebrate Diwali and why it is so important to them. We also explored the different ways they celebrate this festival.

We had fun making our own Rangoli patterns. We did these by using coloured rice, chalks and using the shape tiles.

We went out on welly boot and worked as a team to make a class sized Rangoli pattern using the natural things we found outside. It was great fun working together and looking at the different colours to make our pattern.

Remember to have a look in our class galleries to see all the different things we have been up to!