We’re going on a bear hunt!


Rachel from the library came to see us.

On Monday 16th March Rachel from Tewkesbury Library came to visit us. She bought a prop bag which gave us clues to the story to be read. There was a magician’s coat, a fairy’s wand and a crown along with lots of other things. We learned about where the story was set, which characters were in the story and the basic plot. The story was “The Tempest” which the children now know means a massive storm taking over the sea and causing the waves to be crashing and banging. We got to try some character masks on and also worked in small groups to pretend to be the sea. It was really good fun and has inspired us to find out about

the whole story.

Autumn leaves

This term we have been learning about trees!

We have been exploring the outdoor area searching for deciduous and evergreen trees and have been learning abut the different parts of a tree and their function.


We have enjoyed labelling the trees, collecting and looking at the different types of leaves, sorting them into groups and taking photos of the changes we can see around us.



We also collected some autumn leaves from the deciduous trees and used them to create our own leaf dinosaurs linked to our topic!

We’ve had lots of fun!

Year One visit Birdland!

Today we had a wonderful day visiting Birdland in Bourton-On-The-Water. As we arrived we were greeted with a “hello” from the parrot perching on the branch and enjoyed looking at the vast range of beautiful birds around the park. It was great to learn a little more about the diet and origin of the different birds and it definitely enhanced our learning of the different animal groups we have been learning about in school.

We were lucky enough to watch the penguins and flamingoes being fed and laughed at how noisy some of the birds were around the park! The King penguin spent a long time walking up and down peering at us and some of the other birds showed great interest in us too as we passed by each enclosure!





After lunch we had the opportunity to meet the park keeper where we got to stroke the tortoises, handle a snake and look closely at the bearded dragon lizard and tarantulas!


We finished the day by completing the Jurassic journey trail; searching for the different dinosaurs hidden around the woodland area  It was great fun hunting for the hidden code, digging for fossils in the discovery centre and having our efforts rewarded with a dinosaur badge!


A great day was had by all, many thanks to the parent helpers and to the staff at Birdland for making our day so enjoyable.

Year one become Palaeontologists!

Today Year 1 enjoyed all things dinosaur related!

We arrived to school dressed as palaeontologists and enjoyed looking at the different accessories everyone had brought in to compliment their outfits! From magnifying glasses to torches, binoculars to compasses. The children definitely looked the part!


We then started the day with a dinosaur word hunt, finding hidden dinosaurs all around the classroom. Whilst we were busy searching, Mrs Scott came down to tell us that she had noticed something strange in the welly boot area and wondered if we could go and find out what it was.

This news caused lots of excitement and interest that we decided to investigate it straight away!

We set off and couldn’t believe our eyes! Sprawled across the welly boot area were lots of bones and pieces of scaly skin!




We soon realised it was the body of a T-rex!

We took photographs of the evidence using the iPads and then brought the dinosaur skeleton back inside and talked about the pieces we could identify to piece the T-Rex back together!


It was a very tricky job and we had to call on Mr James to help us construct the T-Rex. He did a marvellous job!



The rest of the day was spent making salt dough dinosaur fossils and skeleton pictures as well as lots of other dinosaur related fun!



We had an T-riffic day!



Dinosaur diets!

Today we explored dinosaur diets.

We discussed the different teeth that dinosaurs have and talked about how we know which dinosaurs are meat eaters (carnivores) and which are plant eaters (herbivores) by looking at the shape of their teeth.

We set up an experiment to investigate the dinosaur teeth.

We used staple removers to mimic the sharp teeth, rocks for flat, grinding teeth and then cotton wool for meat and leaves for plants.

We practised ‘eating’ the foods by grinding the leaves between the two rocks and chopping the cotton wool into pieces between the stapler. We then tried to chop the cotton wool between the rocks which wasn’t very successful and the stapler wasn’t very good at grinding the plants!

We then talked about which set of teeth worked best for each food.

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed our experiment!



A Mock Baptism for Year One

This afternoon we visited  Holy Trinity Church in Tewkesbury to learn about the Christian Baptism ceremony.

In R.E We have been learning about belonging and what it means to belong to a group – whether a school group, Rainbows, Beavers, swimming club or belonging to a faith.

We learnt that Christian parents might choose to welcome their baby into the Christian faith by having their baby baptised. Lucy Betts, Holy Trinity’s Family Coordinator showed us how the parents introduce their baby, choose Godparents, and how the baby is baptised in the font. We talked about the symbolic meaning  of the cross, the candle and the Bible. To finish we sang a hymn too.

We all throughly enjoyed our visit and learnt a lot.                          

Year One have become scientists!

Year one received a letter from Zeb; an alien from outer space:



To help him we decided that we need to become scientists to carry out our research.

We started our research by looking first at ourselves;

the human body and our senses…


We’ve had lots of fun being scientists; naming and labelling parts of the body and making our own skeletons!



We have also taken part in a number of experiments linked to our senses such as a smell test and a taste test!