Key Information for Reopening September 2020

Tewkesbury C of E Primary School Plan for return of all Children in September 2020 Earlier in July the Department for Education (DfE) released guidance to schools regarding the return to school for all pupils from September 2020:

Guidance for full opening: schools

We agree that returning to school is vital for children’s education and for their wellbeing. As a school we are following the Government’s guidance as much as is possible whilst making it relevant to our setting and circumstances. The Government states that the risk to children themselves of becoming severely ill from coronavirus (COVID-19) is very low and that there are negative health impacts of being out of school. The Government also recognises that school closure has had an impact upon parents’ ability to work and that in order for the economy to begin to recover we need to remove this barrier so parents and carers can return to work.

Whilst the Government’s aim is to have all pupils back at school in the autumn, it recognises that every school will also need to plan for the possibility of a local lockdown and how they will ensure continuity of education. We will continue to make contingency plans to reintroduce remote education should the need arise in the future.

The Government continues to recognise that primary children, particularly younger children, will not be able to maintain social distancing, and it is therefore acceptable for them not to distance within their group. Rather than relying on social distancing, the aim from September is therefore to limit the points at which the infection could be spread by implementing an expansion of the ‘bubble’ approach already used.

Public Health England (PHE) have set the following system of controls:


  1. Minimise contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring that those who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or who have someone in their household who does, do not attend school.
  2. Ensure children and adults in school wash their hands thoroughly more often than usual (when they arrive, after break, if they change rooms, before and after eating).
  3. Ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.
  4. Maintain enhanced cleaning programmes, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces often, using standard products such as detergents and bleach.
  5. Minimise contact between individuals and maintain social distancing wherever possible.
  6. Where necessary, wear appropriate PPE (this only applies in very specific circumstances).

Response to any infection

  1. Engage with the NHS Test and Trace process.
  2. Manage confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) amongst the school community.
  3. Contain any outbreak by following local health protection team advice.

Returning to school safely:

We are pleased to be able to welcome all children back to school from September and plan to implement the protective measures outlined by the Government in the following ways:

  •  Children will remain in their class protective ‘bubbles’ at most times whilst inside the school. However, due to the size of the Y1 classes they will sometimes work as one, year group ‘bubble’ to allow all areas of the curriculum to be successfully taught.
  •  At times, to allow the successful delivery of all activities, some children may work in a small ‘bubble’ of children from their year group.
  •  During outdoor break and lunch time the children will be in year group ‘bubbles’ to allow them to socialise and interact with their peers.
  •  Break and lunchtimes will be staggered and designated areas will be assigned to each year group.
  •  Some staff may operate across different classes and year groups in order to facilitate the delivery of the school timetable where needed.
  •  Staff will avoid close face to face contact, but will meet children’s basic physical and emotional needs during daily practice.
  •  We will continue to ensure that children and staff clean their hands regularly, including when they arrive at school, when they return from breaks, when they change rooms and before and after eating. We recognise that regular and thorough hand cleaning is going to be needed for the foreseeable future.
  •  Internal movement through corridors in the indoor environments will be minimised.
  •  In most classrooms we will be asking our children to sit at desks facing the front as recommended by the guidelines, but for the youngest children the environment will be less formal to meet their social and emotional needs.
  •  There will be no large gatherings such as Collective Worship.

We will also continue to have staggered drop off and collection times in order to reduce the number of adults and children on site at any given time.

In the morning, the school site will be opened at 8.40am by a member of the SLT.  At this time, Y3, 4, 5 & 6 may enter the site via the metal gates. Please can only one adult enter the site with each child or, with the older children, let them enter on their own. The Y3 & 4 children will access the school through the red gates and around the building to their doors; Y5 & 6 will go around the left of the school to gain entry via their conservatory doors. Children in Reception, Y1 & Y2 should enter the site from 8.50 via the metal and then red gates. Last entry will be at 9.00, after this your child will be marked as late.

If you have siblings across these two times, please arrive between 8.45 – 8.55.

We ask that all parents and carers continue to be prompt with their entry and exit to school to help us keep everyone as safe as possible. Please follow the one-way system which will lead to you exiting via the lower metal gate. Please do not arrive early and avoid gatherings of parents outside school on the pavement.

After school, we will operate a one-way system around the whole building to enable safe pick-up of all the children. Please do not arrive before 3.00. At 3.05 the red gates will open allowing parents to form a queue on the KS1 playground. At 3.10 all the classes will be ready to be collected; Reception and Y1 will be at the front of school; Y2 will be outside their conservatory; all other classes will be on the KS2 playground. Parents will then make their way around the building, collecting their children as they go and then exit via the large gates at the end of Rope Walk. Any older children for whom we have written permission, may walk home without waiting for an adult. Last pick-up should be by 3.20. A map of routes will be sent out before school starts in September.

8.40am – 8.50amYear 3, 4, 5 & 6
8.45am – 8.55amSiblings across the two times
8.50am – 9.00amReception, Year 1 & 2
3.05pmRed Gates open for queueing on KS1 Playground
3.10pm – 3.20pmAll Year Groups ready to collect

Does my child have to attend school from September?

The government has outlined that attendance at school will be compulsory in September for all children. Children must therefore be in school unless a statutory reason applies (for example, your child has been granted a leave of absence, is unable to attend because of sickness, is absent for a necessary religious observance etc.).

You should therefore continue to follow our normal attendance procedures from September and inform us on a daily basis if your child in unwell and therefore unable to attend school. Please can you continue to make sure your child washes their hands with soap and water prior to leaving home in the morning and as soon as they return home in the afternoon.

The Government guidance for early years and school settings continues to state that PPE (personal protection equipment) is not necessary in a school setting and therefore should not be worn by staff or pupils within daily practice. Evidence indicates that it puts children at higher risk of spreading germs and picking up germs if they wear face masks and PPE. This is because children would find it difficult to wear face coverings comfortably and this results in them touching their face more often and thus spreading germs more easily.

What will the curriculum look like in September and how will any gaps in my child’s learning and progress be prioritised?

We recognise that children’s experiences will have differed during lockdown and we have already planned how we can catch up any key learning missed as well as supporting any children who need to consolidate their skills in certain areas. Staff will continue to monitor the progress made by each individual and put in place further support if needed. We will continue to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which encourages our children to apply their developing core skills.

What will happen if we have a further period of enforced school closure?

In the event of a local outbreak, the PHE health protection team or local authority may advise our school or a number of schools to close temporarily to help control transmission. We have a contingency plan for this eventuality which includes continued development and provision of our high-quality remote education resources.

We will monitor and, if necessary, update these systems and routines during the term.

Map of Routes for Reception KS1/KS2 – September 2020

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September 2020 Full Opening FAQ

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”C of E’s September 2020 Full Opening FAQ (1)”]

Dinner Menu September 2020

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Autumn Term Lunch Menu”]

Newsletter #26

Tewkesbury C of E Primary School



Value: Community

Dear parents/carers,

We hope that you are all continuing to stay safe and well and have managed to enjoy some of the beautiful weather that we have experienced over the last month.

All of us at C of E continue to miss the normality of everyday school life and most importantly, we miss seeing your child/ren and you every day! However, we know that if we all continue to follow the Government advice to ‘stay home and stay safe’ we will all hopefully be back together soon. It is important to state at this point that, as a school, we have not received any direction regarding a date for when we are likely to return to school (despite media speculation) and will continue to be led by Government guidance regarding this.

Showbie and Tapestry

By now, you will have noticed that we have changed the way that we are sharing the home learning with the children, setting weekly tasks, rather than daily activities. The reason behind this is that we want to make home learning more manageable for yourselves, your children as well as for our staff. The challenges they set, will cover a variety of activities across all aspects of the curriculum as well as to continue to allow the children to practice their maths, reading and writing. Please remember that there is no expectation for your child/ren to complete all activities throughout the week.

Links to other resources

Those parents who would like to access further learning resources, we have put a together some really good links and resources and have added them onto our website These include the government approved National Oak Academy who have developed a comprehensive virtual curriculum and BBC bitesize, who are also producing daily activities for children to take part in.


We would like to take this opportunity to share with you all, the news that Mrs Rouse will be retiring from teaching. We know you will all join us in celebrating with Mrs Rouse who has given 20 glorious years to the school. We have all been immensely proud to work alongside such a dedicated, enthusiastic and creative teacher and we know that you will all join us in wishing her all the best for the next chapter in her life. The staff have planned a virtual afternoon tea to mark the occasion, but will look forward to celebrating with Mrs Rouse, when we return to normal.

VE day

Friday 8th May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of VE day and we would love you to join us in celebrating this special occasion. The staff will be busy enjoying picnics, cake baking, flag making and doing many other lovely things to celebrate the day. We’d love it if you could take part too by carrying out one of these activities at home, then if you were to add a photo onto Showbie and Tapestry, we will put them all together to share all of the wonderful things that you got up to on to Facebook and the website for all to see.

Feeding the 5000

Please see the flyer attached from The Long Table, who are offering great, local food for everyone, delivered to your door.

 We miss you all and are really looking forward to seeing you all soon. 

  Take Care

       Mr T Blakey                                     Mr T Rylatt                                       Miss C Black

      Headteacher                         Assistant Headteacher                         Assistant Headteacher

 Website, Facebook and Twitter – Now LIVE

Facebook: Tewkesbury Church of England Primary School

Twitter: @Tewkpri


Newsletter #25

Tewkesbury C of E Primary School



Value: Forgiveness

Dear parents/carers,

Well, this is a new experience for us all isn’t it! As I write this, I am surrounded by my 3 children, one of which is napping on the sofa, one deeply involved in his dinosaur versus pirate’s game and my eldest constructing a Lego fort. At this point, I have two thoughts, How long will this harmony last? And isn’t it true that every bad situation, will have something positive!

Ms Black and some of the teachers have also noticed a big difference in school this week. Whilst most of the children are at home, there are still a very small few at school, whilst their parents help to support the people in need. It seems so quiet having such a large school with only a few children and teachers around, far from the usual hustle and bustle of a full school. The children (and staff) are having a lovely time, they’ve been riding bikes, playing sport on the field, making art and enjoying each other’s company. They’ve even painted this lovely rainbow on the front door as a symbol of hope.


Home Learning

In these extraordinary times, I want to reassure you that your child’s education is in safe hands at home with you! Please don’t add extra stress or pressure onto yourself or your child by worrying about whether they are accessing and completing all the work set or whether they have spent enough time working throughout the day. Sometimes, your child just needs to be reassured, comforted, loved and feel secure more than they need to be learning.

So, please don’t argue and fall out about any of the learning ideas we have sent home or provided. Instead, cuddle on the sofa and watch a film. Share a book and talk about it. Bake and cook together. Paint pictures, create and make. Play board games. Carry out science experiments. Travel the world via Google Maps. Go on virtual tours of museums, art galleries and zoos. Look at old photos and tell stories about family members, some of whom your children have never met. Write letters to those you cannot visit at the moment. These will all be valuable experiences for your children.

For some children however, a learning routine may be exactly what they need to help them to cope. They might thrive on structure and routine. They might be bored or anxious about not learning. They might be desperate to feel connected to their class mates or teachers. They might love learning online and fly through tasks, therefore the tasks set is exactly what they need to help them through this period, so for you, we will keep them coming.

Your child might be both of these types of children: most children are! Feel confident to follow their lead and use your gut instinct. You won’t go far wrong. Don’t worry about their academic progress. All of the above will help them.

Remember, every child is in the same boat at the moment. They will all be ok. When we get back to school, after celebrating being back together again, we will pick up from where we left off and meet your child’s needs like we always do. That’s our job!

So, use the learning resources – or don’t. Or anything in between. Try to have fun spending time together. Your child’s emotional and mental wellbeing – and yours – is far more important than anything else. How they felt during this time will stay with them for the rest of their lives, far longer than any worksheet or online learning task.

Covid-19 provision

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff, many of whom are still coming into school daily to provide a safe and happy environment for the children whose parents are key workers. We received a letter of thanks from Rt Hon Gavin Williamson MP (the education secretary) yesterday, in recognition of all the efforts that went in to put this provision in place, we’re really proud of you all.

Showbie and Tapestry

Please keep an eye out on Showbie (Year 1-6) and Tapestry (Pre-School-Rec) as your child’s teachers will be continually searching for fun and exciting activities for your children to enjoy. They may post links to websites, challenges to have a go at or pictures of things that they’re up to. It’s important that your child knows that their teachers are still there for them, thinking of them and will answer any questions that they have. Please keep uploading things you have been doing too, we really love seeing all of the different things you are all up to.


You may have heard or seen that people up and down the country have been creating rainbows to place in their windows. This is to help reassure people, whilst spreading a message of hope and showing a wonderful sense of community. 

The Pre – School children took part in this as one of their tasks to complete at home this week. They have been very busy creating beautiful, bright rainbows!

Here is just a small selection of some of the rainbows they have made at home. It has really made us smile and we hope it makes you smile too! Well done Pre-Schoolers we are incredibly proud of you all!

‘My Lighthouse’ challenge

We set a challenge yesterday, and that was to ask your child, if they wanted to, sing all or part of one of our favourite collective worship songs, ‘My Lighthouse.’ I’ve had some amazing responses (I apologise for my terrible singing). Please keep them coming, over the next week, we will put these together to re-create the song and then share it with you all, this will allow you children to see some familiar faces and keep our community spirit alive.

Letters to Authors

I want also say a huge well done to some of the children in Y6, who were given a challenge to write a book review for the last book they read. Miss Davis then sent these off to the authors of the books, some of which have responded. Well done year 6 and thank you Miss Davis. We were really proud to read these responses.


We hope you manage to have a relaxing Easter, the teachers won’t be setting any activities, but may pop up with a challenge or two. Remember to try and go out for your one bit of daily exercise allowed, or failing that, take part in the P.E. with Joe Wicks, we’re loving that to start our day!

We miss you all and are really looking forward to seeing you all soon. 

 Take Care

           Mr T Rylatt                                                                                                 Miss C Black

     Acting Headteacher                                                                               Acting Headteacher

Website, Facebook and Twitter – Now LIVE

Facebook: Tewkesbury Church of England Primary School

Twitter: @Tewkpri

Showbie Help

Dear parents/carers,

Within school, we use Showbie as a way to set, share and store children’s work. The children will be very familiar with the app/website. However, if your child is in Year 1 they will be less familiar with the app and its functionality.
I have recorded and uploaded 2 short videos onto the website, showing how you log in to Showbie and where the work will be found/stored. Within the work folders, there will be a combination of messages, worksheets, pictures, videos to watch or links to websites to use to research which will be set daily by your child’s teacher. These video can be viewed here:

Year 1 children will be given a username and password to take home today, to allow them to access learning from home. Staff will be meeting after school today, to begin to upload activities for children who are self-isolating.

If you are having problems logging in, or accessing your child’s account, please let us know and we would be more than happy to support you.

 Many thanks
Mr T. Rylatt
Acting Headteacher
Tewkesbury C of E Primary School

Newsletter #24




Value: Hope


The children have really settled into their new classes and our Reception Class children have taken to school life seamlessly. There have already been trips and next week Year 2 will be going on their residential trip to Kingswood. Our exciting Creative Curriculum has seen Year 6 all be war time cooks using the vegetables from the school gardens. Please look at your child’s class web page to see what they have been up too.

New Parent Governor Vacancy

We have a vacancy for a parent governor. Parent governors are elected by and from the parents of children currently attending our school. They serve a three-year term of office and bring a very important and valued perspective to the work of the governing body.

You might like to look at the information for prospective governors on the Gloucestershire County Council website Further information on the role can also be obtained through the school office.


The governing body has a vital role to play in making sure every child receives the best possible education. This is achieved by ensuring that governors have the necessary skills and commitment to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. The particular skills that governing bodies need, will vary and will include personal qualities and capabilities, such as the capacity and willingness to learn and work as part of a team. It is expected that governors will make use of the various training opportunities available to them and play a full part in the work of the governing body. We are particularly encouraging those parents with finance experience.

If you are interested in becoming a governor, contact the school office with your nomination (self nomination is acceptable), which will need to be with the school by 12.00 noon on Friday 11th October 2019

If there are more nominations than vacancies, an election will be held and you will be sent a voting paper.


Harvest Festival

We are inviting you to celebrate Harvest with us at Holy Trinity Church next Thursday 3rd October at 9.30am. We are collecting donations of Milk (UHT), Fruit juice (long life cartons), Instant mash, Sponge puddings (tinned), Cereals, Tomatoes (tinned), Vegetables (tinned), Rice pudding (tinned), Biscuits, Tea bags, Instant coffee, Jam, Ham (tinned), Sanitary Products, Toilet rolls, Shampoo, Shower gel, Small soap powders from Monday please.

Evacuation Day

Our annual evacuation Day was scheduled for Friday 11th October, unfortunately this has now been postponed and a new date will be set in the new year. We will endeavour to provide you with plenty of notice as we know it impacts on childcare.



We would like to invite any Year 3 children to join the school choir. The choir meets after school every Thursday until 4.15pm. Those children wishing to join please speak to the office ladies.


Special Lunch

Next Thursday 3rd October is our Special Lunch day as well. The children have selected some of their favourite foods. If your child doesn’t normally have a hot school dinner can you please encourage them to do so next Thursday. The more children that have a school meal next Thursday provides the school with additional funds from the Local Authority. These funds we can use on the children’s education. The special Menu as chosen by the children is;-

Pizza, chips, beans or sweetcorn.

Jacket potatoes with fillings of cheese, Tuna or beans

Salad bar

Ice-cream and Jelly

Yum Yums

Fresh fruit

The cost of a school lunch is £2.20



Thursday 3rd Harvest Festival at Holy Trinity at 9.30am

Thursday 3rd Special Lunch

Thursday 10th Year 1 Birdland trip

Monday 14th Year 3 Rainforest Roadshow in school

Monday 14th PTC meeting

Friday 25th End of term normal finishing time


Mrs C Scott


Newsletter #23




Value: Hope


Welcome back to a new academic year. The children looked very smart in their full uniforms coming into school and very excited about their new classes. From their stories they have obviously had a wonderful break with you.

Today I have shared with the children the news that I will be stepping down as a Headteacher from January 2020. I have taken a directorship of a new consultancy company offering wellbeing support to head teachers. Currently over one third of head teachers leave their posts early due to stress and excessive workloads. I am looking forward to this new role and challenge. It has been an extremely hard decision to make as the pull of this school, its children and staff are unique and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for your support over the years.

New Chair of Governors

Last night we said our found farewells to Mrs Beryl Thomas, Chair of Governors, as she had come to the end of her term of governance. The staff presented her with a bouquet of flowers and many personal notes of thanks for her support and service to this school over the last 6 years. She will be missed.

The governing body elected a new chair, Mrs Lisa Quelcuti. She is the former head teacher of Tirlebrook primary school and has a wealth of experience in primary education. We welcome her to our school community.

New Parent Governor Vacancy

Our Parent governor Michelle Prosser has stepped down as a governor due to the expansion of her work commitments. Whilst Michelle was only a governor for a short period her contributions and understanding of school finance was immense. I will be advertising the vacancy next week. Meanwhile if you feel you have the time and commitment to support the school with a particular strength in finance please consider putting yourself forward for election. For an informal chat or to know more about the role please contact me direct.


Please note that clubs start next week.


Uniform Orders have now arrived and are available for collection.

Community Centre Play Area

Can I please stress again with parents/child minders that the Community Centre play area is only for the pre-school children and not a public park. Sadly it was used over the holidays and damage has occurred. The climbing apparatus is not suitable for older children. Our insurance does not cover public use.


I hope you have found the recent term dates useful, below are a reminder of this month’s key dates.


Overview meetings

9th Year 6   at 5PM

10th Year 5 at  5PM

11th Year 4 at 5PM

12th Year 3 at 5PM

16th Year 2 at 5PM

17th Year 1 at 5PM

16th Year 4 Swimming

19th Year 6 WW2 Trip

30th Year 2 Kingswood Residential

Mrs C Scott


Social Media Launch

Social Media Launch

Tewkesbury C of E Primary School

Social Media Launch

Dear Parents,

We are very excited to launch our new Facebook and Twitter pages!

Facebook: Tewkesbury Church of England Primary School

Twitter: @Tewkpri

Facebook and Twitter are great ways to communicate school news, photos, videos and upcoming events and we hope by using social media we will further improve communications between the school and our community. We also view this as a way of further engaging you in your children’s daily learning more effectively.

In order for us to enter the world of social media responsibly, we request your permission to use your child’s image on Facebook and Twitter in the same way we currently do on the school’s website or in the local press.

If you do not wish for your children’s image to be placed on Facebook or Twitter, please contact the school office in writing to notify us of your wishes by Wednesday 6th March. If no contact is received by this date, we will assume you consent to the use of your child’s image for the purposes of school’s social media. Please note that any parent or carer can opt out of image use at any time past this date by contacting the school office in writing. Whilst we respect your right to decline permission for the use of your child’s image, we would like you to consider your decision carefully – should you wish to discuss this further, our school doors are always open.

We would appreciate it if you could bear with us in the early stages of our social media adventure while we establish the most effective ways of posting and tweeting and would like you to take note of the following key points:

  • Only core staff from the school’s Communication Team will be posting / tweeting pictures (to begin with)
  • Neither Facebook nor Twitter should be used as a means of communication between teachers and individual parents – please continue to contact teachers directly through the school office or approach them at the end of the day for specific questions and issues as they arise
  • Social networking sites are not an appropriate place to discuss any concerns you may have and we request that you continue to ask any questions or raise any issues by arranging an appointment with the Headteacher
  • Posts and tweets will be made on an ‘as and when’ basis – there is no expectation on the minimum number of posts / tweets made, but we promise to not bombard you with too many either

For further information, please read the school’s Social Media Policy on the school website.

We are looking forward to being able to share more photos with yourselves and the wider world and promote the wonderful activities that we do at Tewkesbury Primary. We hope that you embrace this new venture with the same excitement as us.

Kind regards,

Mrs Scott

Miss Jaryczewski and Miss Rowland
Communications Team

Newsletter #22




Value: Respect


Boy’s football victory

Last week our Year 5 & 6 boy’s football team once again led the school to victory in the Large schools football league tournament. The trophy has been won by the school for the second consecutive year.

Our Cross country team are also doing well but we won’t know the final results until a couple of weeks.

The Year 5 children have spent a day at Tewkesbury High School to experience the facilities, lessons and lunches. They spent time in the Science Laboratory, Geography, ICT Food Technology and PE. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we are grateful to the High school for organising such a great day.

Over the last couple of weeks the Year 6 children have been out and about on their bikes achieving their cycling proficiency test.

Our Reception classes welcomed the parents back into class to learn alongside their children in ‘Stay and Play’.

Website Facebook and twitter

Our website is having a facelift and we will be going live with this in two weeks. We have been listening to parents to make it more ‘User friendly’ and we have listened to the children to include more of the fun things that they are doing at school.

In addition to emails, texting and the website we will be launching our own Facebook page and Twitter page. This is to improve communication between the school and its community.

World book day 7th March

This year the children will be dressing up in their favourite book character and having a day of exciting activities. Parents like the advanced notice so that they can start making outfit or hitting the online bargains.

Book Fair

Monday 11th March through to Wednesday 13th March there will be a book fair after school in the school hall.

Holiday requests

Please do not apply to take your children out of school during term time for a holiday. I cannot authorise absence for holidays. The government attendance target for each child is 96%. Authorised absence can only be for religious observations, family emergency

A reminder of Upcoming dates for February and March – for more dates please see the school website calendar

  • Monday 18th February – Friday 22nd February Half Term
  • Thursday 7th March – World Book Day
  • Friday 8th March Year 4 Bishop’s wood trip
  • Friday 8th March – Mr Rylatt’s class assembly
  • Friday 15th March – Miss Armstrong’s class assembly
  • Friday 22nd March – Mr Stagg/Mrs Yeoman’s class assembly
  • Friday 29th March -Mrs Lewis class assembly

Mrs C Scott


Newsletter #21




Value: Respect


Happy New Year to all our families and school community. The children have really stepped back into the swing of things and have shared their many happy experiences of the Christmas break.  Already this week we have celebrated the children’s achievements at the Tewkesbury Schools Swimming Gala . Lucy Walsh came first in her race. The whole team was commended for their conduct as well as representing the school in a sport.

Our assembly this morning was a celebration of those children succeeding in growth mindset. This is an approach that we have been developing, not only in maths but across the curriculum. When working, perseverance, effort and a positive attitude to mistakes influence the children’s thoughts and actions, helping them to achieve different learning challenges. This is becoming second nature to the children. The impact we are seeing is that they are less frustrated by difficult concepts as they will try another approach to solving problems.


Thank you for returning the children in their required full uniform. Boots are allowed to walk to and from school but please ensure they have their black school shoes to wear indoors. A further plea please to name every item of school uniform so that we can reunite lost property. On rare occasions children bring home another child’s clothing/PE bag can I ask that from time to time everyone checks these items are indeed their child’s.

Census Day – Special Lunch Day

We would like all of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children to try a school dinner next Thursday 17th January. We would like to encourage as many children to have a school lunch on that day. It is School Census Day and the more children having a school dinner will entitle the school to more, much needed additional funds from the local authority. The kitchen is doing a special menu of Sausage, Chips and Beans, Quorn Sausage Chips and beans or Chicken Soup and pancakes for desert. Please let the school office know if your child would like a lunch on Thursday.

Change of Menu

Next Tuesday Cowboy Hotpot will be replaced by BBQ chicken and BBQ Quorn chicken.

Residential Trips

A reminder please to Year 6 parents that payments for the Normandy trip are required this month.

Dinner Money

Regular reminders of dinner money arrears are now being sent out. The school cannot continue to provide meals where families are in arrears.

Reception Class Parents Evening Event

Reception class parents have received an invitation to a special Q&A event to assist the school in how it can help new parents understand the operational practices of schools and how this can best be improved. Please ensure you have completed the attendance form to assist with catering requirements and numbers.

A reminder of Up Coming Dates for January – for more dates please see the school website calendar

Friday 18th January Y6 Miss J Class Assembly  at 9.00am

Friday 25th January Y 6 Mr Shaw Class Assembly at 9.00am

Monday 28th January Y6 Bikeability


Mrs C Scott


Newsletter #20




Value: Peace


The children have embraced this Christmas week in all good spirit. The relocation of our Carol Service to Holy Trinity Church on Wednesday started our celebrations. With little to no time to rehearse the children read and sang triumphantly. How brave was our soloist Rebecca Burrows! The service ended with the younger children using the sign language of Makaton to ‘Silent Night’ which was really special. Thank you parents for accommodating the change of day and venue. These challenges are sent to try us.

Thursday morning the KS1 parents and relatives were treated to the Nativity play ‘A Little Bird Told Me’ led by the Reception classes. Remembering that most of the Reception class children are still only 4 years old they owned the stage! Year 1 & 2 accompanied the story by singing a number of chirpy festive songs.


Christmas Message

Our children are very fortunate to be cared for by so many people; parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, teachers, teaching assistants, dinner ladies, office staff, governors, etc. They talk about what Father Christmas will be bringing them and who they will be visiting over the holiday. But when I ask them what would they prefer at Christmas, a toy or family? They all responded unanimously with family. So take heart that your children see you as the true gifts of Christmas. Enjoy this time, myself and the staff wish you all a peaceful New Year.

Finally please remember that Monday 7th January 2019 is an INSET day and the children are due back on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

A Reminder of the Open Morning

A reminder that we have another Open Morning on Thursday 10th January 2019 at 10.00am for new pupils starting in September 2019.

A Reminder of Up Coming dates for January – for more dates please see the school website calendar

Monday 7th January INSET day staff only

Tuesday 8th January Spring Term starts at 8.50am

Friday 18th January Y6 Miss J Class assembly 9.00am

Friday 25th January Y 6 Mr Shaw class assembly 9.00am

Monday 28th January Y6 Bikeability

Mrs C Scott