Harvest Festival 2021

A massive thank you to all those who contributed food this year for Harvest Festival. This will be passed on the Tewkesbury Food bank.

Thank you to Lucy Betts and Stephen Walker for leading our Harvest celebrations assembly!

We can’t wait to get back to our usual routine of attending Holy Trinity church to perform our usual Harvest celebrations with parents in attendance, but this year we made the best of it by getting together as a school and performing songs, reading poems and giving thanks for the Harvest.

However, to give a sense of the wonderful singing ability of our pupils, have a listen to the this whole school performance of iSingPop’s “A Brighter Day”.

Year 5 create bring Ancient Greece timeline to life

Year 5 pupils have created freeze frames which show the main events in the timeline of Ancient Greece. They used the pictures to create interactive guides to the events of this historical period. Can you match the picture to the event?

776BC – The first Olympic games held in Athens
700 BC – Homer writes The Odyssey and Illiad
650 BC – The Tyrant Kypselos takes control of Corinth
508 BC – Male Citizens of Athens are aloud to vote
500 BC – The classical period starts
472 BC – Greek theatre becomes popular in Athens
460 BC – Hippocrates ‘Father of Modern Medicine’ is born in Kos
432 BC – The Parthenon is finished in Athens
388 BC – King Philip II takes control of Greece
336 BC – Alexander the Great takes control of Greece
146 BC – Greece falls under the Roman Empire

Letter from the Head, 14th December

Due to server outages for Google and others today, we have found that some ParentMail has not been getting through. As such, find a copy below.

Dear Parents/Carers

I have been made aware that we have a confirmed positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19) at Tewkesbury C of E Primary School. The positive test is for a member of staff.

Due to contacts having to isolate we have a significant shortage of cleaners available this week. As the cleanliness of the school is a key aspect of the Risk Assessment to prevent the spread of Covid we will have to close the school tomorrow for all pupils. This decision has been made in consultation with Gloucestershire County Council’s lead for Covid, their Health Protection Team and the Chair of Governors.

We will use tomorrow to ensure robust processes are put in place to enable us to open safely for as much time as possible over the rest of the week. We will open on Wednesday and Friday. It may be that we also have to close on Thursday to ensure the school is clean. I will let you know the plan as soon as possible.

We know that you may find this concerning but we are continuing to monitor the situation and will keep doing all we can to ensure your children’s safety at this time.

Teaching staff will move to online learning via Showbie/Tapestry for tomorrow and your child should access their learning there.

Yours sincerely

Tim Blakey



Year 6 Leavers’ service at Gloucester Cathedral

Year 6 pupils took part in the leavers’ service at Gloucester Cathedral this morning along with several other C of E schools in Gloucestershire. This was a chance to reflect on their time in primary school and thank you to God and one another.

Zuzanna and Rhys both represented our school wonderfully with two readings to the congregation. Amelie and Ben also made excellent banner bearers.

Year 6 mark VE Day

Year 6 mark VE Day

On Thursday this week, Classes 13 and 14 marked the end of their WW2 topic with a VE Day party, inviting grandparents who shared some of their family’s memories.

Traditional games were played including marbles, a Beetle Drive and skipping games. It was a lovely way to end their topic.

Year 6 evacuation day experience

Yesterday, pupils from Year 6 in were – in support of their theme lesson – whisked back to 1940s Britain and were duly evacuated to the safety of Winchcombe.

They experienced a steam train journey, met with other real evacuees and even had to seek shelter during an air raid. They were also trained to be members of ‘fire parties’ ready to put out any fires after a bombing raid. Finally it was time to head back to the future.




World Book Day 2nd March 2017

Pupils dressed in their pyjamas and explored favourite bedtime stories to celebrate World Book Day. Below are some photos and examples of work from the day.

Year 1

We looked at the story the Tiger who came to tea.  When we arrived back from our swimming lessons, we noticed some footprints leading through our classroom. We decided to follow the footprints to catch the culprit who had left our classroom in a mess!
The footprints led to a story book and a can of TIGER FOOD!! We read the story as a class and then created our very own front covers for the story and role played the tiger coming to tea. As a class we decided we would LOVE the tiger to come for tea in our classroom so we made tiger food and designed our own labels.
At the end of the day, Miss Moore’s class came to visit us and we read our favourite books to each other.

Year 2

Class 5 had a fantastic World Book Day! We read the story “Peace At Last” and performed it using instruments and sounds. Next, we wrote our own versions, where Mr Bear tried to sleep in all sorts of places. In the afternoon we made some beautiful bear pictures and shared our books with Mrs Lewis’ class in a huge den which we made in the classroom. What a fun day we had!

Year 4

We read the book Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy. In the story Baby Bear goes to the moon and back in a cardboard box and all before bedtime, whatever next!. So we researched space rockets for Baby Bear to use instead of a cardboard box and then
designed and made our own prototypes.

Year 5

Y5 FR and Y1 JI booked an hour’s slot to share their Bedtime Stories. The children spent an hour together and it was a great experience. As you can see they engaged with each other and forged some new and special friendships.

Year 6

In Year 6 completed a challenge to ‘Get caught reading’ before we looked at our favourite bedtime stories.


We then looked at The Enormous Crocodile and Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book and worked in groups to create our own versions. Here is the Year 6 version of Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book:


Here are our versions of the Enormous Crocodile: