Oaker Wood Residential- Day 3 (Wednesday)

It’s been another sunny day here at Oaker Wood. Today, the children have enjoyed a session at Wild Camp where they went on a nature scavenger hunt and were tasked with building waterproof dens. During the waterproof testing, the children got a little wet! Whilst at the camp, they also enjoyed toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate.


Other activities today have included: target shooting, crate stacking, krypton woodland (team building games) and, one of the most anticipated activities, the Leap of Faith.We are incredibly proud of how the children have pushed themselves today and shown resilience, bravery and teamwork skills.

This evening, we had a camp fire, making smores and roasting even more marshmallows! The evening also included a spontaneous water fight where Miss Davis & Mr Rylatt were thoroughly soaked- see the photo below of Mr Rylatt roasting his shoe to help it dry!