Year 4 Anglo-Saxon Day

Last Friday, Year 4 was hurled back in time all the way to the Anglo-Saxon age! When they arrived, the children were greeted by King Harold Godwinson, Duke William of Normandy and Lady Guinevere who took them through a number of different Anglo-Saxon activities. In the morning, the children took part in Brooch making, Rune designing and creating Anglo-Saxon Celtic knots. They also sampled daily Anglo-Saxon life through attempting to start fires, make shelters and sample the delicious staple of the Anglo-Saxon diet, pottage.

Full from their hearty meal the mighty warriors assembled into their opposing factions: Anglo-Saxons and Normans. The Anglo-Saxons were already exhausted before the battle having just won a heroic fight at Stamford bridge and then running the length of England to defend their Kingdom from yet another invader. The Normans were eager to disembark their ships and do battle with the English. The opposing forces organised their battle lines near Hasting, before clashing together ferociously. Many did not live to see the end of the day!
The final moments saw William Duke of Normandy do battle with King Harold and claim the crown of England! The Anglo-Saxon age was over. The age of the Normans is about to begin!