Pearl class celebrate World Book Day

Last Friday, Pearl class enjoyed a variety of activities, encouraging them to read.

The day began with a quick tutorial from Rob Biddulph (former World Book Day official illustrator). The children learnt how to draw a cartoon-style bookmark. Look at some of their bookmarks below!

Then, they went into the Reading Den where they enjoyed snuggling in between duvets and blankets and listening to both Miss Davis & Mrs Tonkin read our Class Reader book ‘Goodnight Mister Tom.’ They also loved the watching the starry night sky in the den whilst drinking our hot chocolates!

Next up was the Reading Cafe. As our classroom has an extensive reading book corner, the children enjoyed exploring the different genres it has to offer. They spent some time devouring books (and biscuits).

After this, the class went on a Book Scavenger Hunt where they were given a list of items they needed to find on book covers…. we had such a fun time!

Finally, they spent the afternoon designing artwork based around the genre of Mystery for the school library’s competition.