PC Curtis visits Year 6

This week, on Thursday, PC Curtis visited Pearl Class to teach them about the role of police in the community. We learnt about the different teams that make up the police, how they retrieve evidence from crime scenes and most importantly, how they keep us safe.

During our lesson, we role played a crime scene and assisted PC Curtis in finding a stolen ring from a jewellery shop. It led to the children finding the ring and Miss Davis being taken to the police station for questioning! Luckily, it was all a bit of a misunderstanding as she had picked it up off the floor whilst on a run. The children made sure to check her story checked out and she was acquitted before they found the true criminal- Billy Burglar!

The children had a great time with PC Curtis & were very well behaved, listening to his stories with great interest. We look forward to welcoming him back later this month!