Ruby Class start school!

 We have had a wonderful time in Ruby Class settling in to our school community. We have been busy exploring the school environment, learning about our school rules and routines and making lots of new friends!

Our topic this half term is Magnificent Me!

We have been learning all about what makes us special and why we are unique. As part of our topic we drew our self-portraits. First, we looked in the mirror and talked about our different facial features. We noticed the colour of our eyes and our hair. We also talked about the similarities and differences we have with our friends. We had to think carefully about the colours to use and made sure we had the right skin colour, eye colour and hair colour. We also made our self portraits using loose parts. We remembered lots of different features such as our ears, nose and smile!

We have enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Colour Monster’. We talked about the different feelings the Colour Monster experienced in the story and thought about times when we felt that way too. We have been exploring how our emotions make us feel and thought about the colours just like the story!

This week we have been thinking about our family and the people who are special to us. We shared photographs of our special people and talked about why they are special to us. We have enjoyed looking at photographs of ourselves when we were babies and talked about how we have grown and the changed.

We have enjoyed listening to lots of different stories. We have explored lots of new words and vocabulary and found out what the new words mean. We have been trying to remember our new words and use them in our conversations in the classroom!