Ruby Class start school!

 We have had a wonderful time in Ruby Class settling in to our school community. We have been busy exploring the school environment, learning about our school rules and routines and making lots of new friends! Our topic this half term is Magnificent Me! We have been learning all about what makes us special and why …

Year 6 visit Winchcombe Steam

Yesterday, Year 6 travelled back to 1940 to experience a day in the life of an evacuee at Winchcombe Train Station.


After we had waved goodbye to our parents, we boarded the steam train heading for Winchcombe. We were enjoying singing wartime songs when, suddenly, a suspicious-looking man walked down the carriage and dropped a letter. After we’d read the envelope, our suspicions were confirmed-he was a German spy


Once we’d disembarked the train, we then learnt more about incendiary bombs and how problematic they were. The fire party in Winchcombe recruited us to join them and we learnt how to use a water stirrup pumps to extinguish any fires.


Suddenly, we heard the sound of an air raid siren, so we quickly had to dive into the nearest shelter. It was so dark in there that some of us were a little frightened. In here, we heard about some real-life experiences from people who lived through the war.


We were given the opportunity to meet Fred, a real-evacuee in World War II. We listened as he told us all about his experience and he answered questions we had about his time in the Oxfordshire countryside.


Towards the end of our visit, we visited the local museum where we learnt more about rationing and evacuation.  We also learnt more about children during the war and their schooling and what jobs they might undertake when evacuated to the countryside.



Year 5 create bring Ancient Greece timeline to life

Year 5 pupils have created freeze frames which show the main events in the timeline of Ancient Greece. They used the pictures to create interactive guides to the events of this historical period. Can you match the picture to the event?

776BC – The first Olympic games held in Athens
700 BC – Homer writes The Odyssey and Illiad
650 BC – The Tyrant Kypselos takes control of Corinth
508 BC – Male Citizens of Athens are aloud to vote
500 BC – The classical period starts
472 BC – Greek theatre becomes popular in Athens
460 BC – Hippocrates ‘Father of Modern Medicine’ is born in Kos
432 BC – The Parthenon is finished in Athens
388 BC – King Philip II takes control of Greece
336 BC – Alexander the Great takes control of Greece
146 BC – Greece falls under the Roman Empire

Year 6 Dig for Victory!

Last week, we began learning about rationing and how the British government restricted certain foods during World War II.

On Monday, we learnt how the British public were encouraged to ‘dig for victory’ and plant vegetables in their gardens and in public spaces such as parks, tennis courts and even the Tower of London! We then visited our school’s allotments where we picked runner beans and tomatoes and dug up potatoes and carrots. Afterwards, we had to wash the food so that it could  used later in the week for our wartime cooking sessions.

From Wednesday to Friday, we made a different dish each day. Wednesday we made homemade bread, Thursday we cooked corned beef hash and on Friday we baked apple fruit cake.