Oaker Wood- Thursday

This morning, the children woke up feeling energised and ready to go! After a hearty breakfast, most groups headed out of the camp to begin their day. However, two groups stayed on camp and made their very own pizzas in the outdoor pizza ovens (the other three groups made pizzas after lunch). The pizzas were very popular in camp and some even managed to eat them before their lunch and still find space to have lunch too – impressive!

Activities today included:

  • Outdoor pizza making
  • The leap of faith
  • Den building (this included hot chocolate & marshmallows around an open fire)
  • Low ropes

And for two groups they had their paintballing session. Mr James & Mr Blakey joined in and had a great time with the children!

For dinner the children enjoyed burgers and chips from the local chip shop which they all loved!

This evening the children have also:

  • Been to the shop to spend their money on Oakerwood merchandise
  • Eaten plenty of marshmallows
  • Made S’mores
  • Taken part in our first Oakerwood annual Olympics

The winner of these games was Miss Davis’ team- well done to them for their excellent shoe wanging skills,  running speedily with an egg and spoon and spinning around a pole 5 times before running!