Year 6 become artists

As part of our World War II studies, the Year 6 pupils have been working incredibly hard to refine their sketching techniques in the recent weeks. They began by learning about texture, tone and shading and how artists use these. Then, the children were given tutorials on how to draw different facial parts; there were some intricately-detailed eyes and noses!

Finally, the pupils attempted to sketch a World War II leader. We’re sure you’d agree that they did a great job! Can you guess the leaders?




Year 5 learn about the ‘Heroes of Troy’ through music!

Year 5 have spent the last few R.E.A.L. Curriculum lessons learning all about the Homer’s Iliad and the ‘Heroes of Troy’ through the medium of song! They have worked hard and have safely sung their hearts out. This afternoon we braved the cold and the mist to record a version of ‘Is it Love?’ on on our pirate ship. See the video below, and if you want to hear more of the songs, visit the KS2 BBC Music website.

Year 6 Welcome GCHQ Visitor

On Tuesday 3rd November, Year 6 welcomed a visitor from GHCQ. At the beginning of the session, the children learnt about the history of coding (did you know Mary Queen of Scots and Julius Caesar sent encrypted messages to their armies?)

Then they practised using different techniques to help them code messages (including steganography- hiding messages in plain sight and substitution- changing letters for others).

After learning these skills, our visitor explained the importance of coding and how it played a vital role in World War II. The pupils were introduced to Bletchley Park, Alan Turing and the encrypted machine the Germans used, the Enigma.

Finally, the pupils explored World War II artefacts.