Cooking in 1940s Kitchen

This week, Year 6 have enjoyed learning new culinary skills, including sieving, chopping and kneading.

On Monday, using our rationed ingredients, we prepared and baked some fresh bread (for starters). The children learnt how to measure and combine their ingredients before kneading and proving the dough, ready for the oven.

The following day, the classes made a classic 1940s main dish, combining corned beef with the freshly dug vegetables from the school’s allotment. They learnt how to wash and clean the vegetables in readiness to prepare for the dish. They then learnt how to cut carrots, onions, leeks, cabbages and potatoes.

Finally, to finish their 3 course meal, the children made their dessert today: Apple Fruit Cake. The children weighed and sifted the flour before combining sugar, butter, eggs, apples and raisins.

This was by far the favourite dish of the week!

A huge thank you to our local supermarkets for kindly donating some ingredients to make our wartime cooking experience a triumph!