PC Pete Curtis Visits Year 6

On Monday, PC Pete Curtis visited both classes to deliver an E-Safety workshop. The children learnt about:

  • personal, private information and what they should/should not share online
  • How to report issues online
  • criminal responsibility and the consequences of cyberbullying


The children were fantastic and enjoyed many discussions with our local officer; they cannot wait until their next workshop with him!


Cooking in 1940s Kitchen

This week, Year 6 have enjoyed learning new culinary skills, including sieving, chopping and kneading.

On Monday, using our rationed ingredients, we prepared and baked some fresh bread (for starters). The children learnt how to measure and combine their ingredients before kneading and proving the dough, ready for the oven.

The following day, the classes made a classic 1940s main dish, combining corned beef with the freshly dug vegetables from the school’s allotment. They learnt how to wash and clean the vegetables in readiness to prepare for the dish. They then learnt how to cut carrots, onions, leeks, cabbages and potatoes.

Finally, to finish their 3 course meal, the children made their dessert today: Apple Fruit Cake. The children weighed and sifted the flour before combining sugar, butter, eggs, apples and raisins.

This was by far the favourite dish of the week!

A huge thank you to our local supermarkets for kindly donating some ingredients to make our wartime cooking experience a triumph!






Year 6 Dig for Victory

In preparation for next week’s cooking lessons, Year 6 ventured into the school’s garden patch.  The pupils recently learnt that many households grew their own vegetables (and some fruit) during World War II so they could have extra food alongside their rations. Today, they spent the afternoon digging up potatoes and carrots and picking runner beans and tomatoes. Once it was all picked, the children then washed  it, ready for their first cooking lesson on Monday!






Crazy professor causes havoc in Year 4!

Last week, Year 4 had a very intelligent if rather eccentric visitor to help with their science learning. With a toolkit consisting of crackers, bananas, orange juice and tights (yes tights) Professor Plop successfully demonstrated the journey that food takes through the digestive system.


The tights represented the small intestine and the professor showed how food passes through this, into the large intestine, allowing nutrients to be absorbed into the body. It was a little messy and disgusting. With that in mind, Professor Plop suggested the children have a go! The next day, all children got their hands dirty and were able to demonstrate how food enters the body and travels through each part of the digestive system.


The professor says he would like to come back soon although some of the children are a little unsure!