This week in Reception!

Over the week the children have taken part in different challenges around the classroom.

Some of our challenges this week have been linked to measures. One of the challenges was to measure the mermaid’s tail to find out how many cubes long they are. Then they had to match them to the correct mermaid’s tail by reading the clues! This was a tricky challenge but the children showed great perseverance when doing it. They talked about which mermaid had the longest and shortest tail and compared them too. Another measure challenge was measuring the fish and finding out how many cubes long they were. They also had to put them in order from the longest to the shortest using comparative language.

They also had to use their addition and subtraction skills to solve the number problems on the sea shells. They used different methods to count on or back to find the answers.

The children continued to make models and machines to help save the sea creatures from the plastic pollution in the seas. They used the creative area and construction area to create their wonderful inventions!

They have also been practising with their funky fingers to create a weaved fish. They carefully weaved the paper in and out to make a weaved pattern.

It has been a wonderful and busy week in Reception!