Year 6- ‘Musicals Week’

This week Year 6 should have looked very different. The children were due to sit their SATS, however, from the comfort of their homes, the children have learnt about an array of musicals!

Monday: School of Rock

The children started their day by watching a performance of the song ‘You’re in the Band’ from the School of Rock musical. They studied influential rock artists and bands and then redesigned our school uniform to make it more rockin’!

There were some fantastic designs and some pupils even convinced their younger siblings to model their outfits!

Tuesday: Hairspray

We visited the States to learn about the 1960s. Pupils participated in a dance workshop, learning dance moves from the 60s. They also read about Rosa Parks, a civil rights activist.

Wednesday: Matilda

Year 6 became film critics! They grabbed their popcorn and settled down to watch the musical before writing their own reviews on the performance. In the afternoon, pupils learnt the song ‘Revolting Children’ and created their own music video!

Thursday: Lion King

The children made puppets and backdrops to recreate their favourite Lion King scene. They were fantastic!

Friday: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Year 6 became budding  entrepreneurs! They designed and made their own chocolate bars, promoted them with posters and adverts and studied the history of Cadbury’s!