Year 6 Home Learning


Wow, what a busy two weeks Year 6 have had! Both Miss Davis and Mr Shaw have been impressed with the pupils’ mature attitude and independence in working at home; the quality of the work produced has been magnificent!

In previous weeks, Year 6 had learnt survival skills that would prove useful in the Stone Age. With the support of our wonderful parents, we were able to continue learning new skills and last week pupils made weapons/tools for hunting, learnt how to navigate using the stars and practiced various knots that could prove vital in the wild!



This week, the children were asked to write a survival guide which explained how to complete each of the survival tasks. We have been blown away by the quality of writing!

In addition to this, the classes were challenged to learn more about Stonehenge as our ‘Ages Ago’ topic concluded. Tasked with researching theories about how the monument was built, the pupils then created their own Stonehenge.


We hope you all have a wonderful Easter,

Miss Davis and Mr Shaw