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Value: Forgiveness

Dear parents/carers,

Well, this is a new experience for us all isn’t it! As I write this, I am surrounded by my 3 children, one of which is napping on the sofa, one deeply involved in his dinosaur versus pirate’s game and my eldest constructing a Lego fort. At this point, I have two thoughts, How long will this harmony last? And isn’t it true that every bad situation, will have something positive!

Ms Black and some of the teachers have also noticed a big difference in school this week. Whilst most of the children are at home, there are still a very small few at school, whilst their parents help to support the people in need. It seems so quiet having such a large school with only a few children and teachers around, far from the usual hustle and bustle of a full school. The children (and staff) are having a lovely time, they’ve been riding bikes, playing sport on the field, making art and enjoying each other’s company. They’ve even painted this lovely rainbow on the front door as a symbol of hope.


Home Learning

In these extraordinary times, I want to reassure you that your child’s education is in safe hands at home with you! Please don’t add extra stress or pressure onto yourself or your child by worrying about whether they are accessing and completing all the work set or whether they have spent enough time working throughout the day. Sometimes, your child just needs to be reassured, comforted, loved and feel secure more than they need to be learning.

So, please don’t argue and fall out about any of the learning ideas we have sent home or provided. Instead, cuddle on the sofa and watch a film. Share a book and talk about it. Bake and cook together. Paint pictures, create and make. Play board games. Carry out science experiments. Travel the world via Google Maps. Go on virtual tours of museums, art galleries and zoos. Look at old photos and tell stories about family members, some of whom your children have never met. Write letters to those you cannot visit at the moment. These will all be valuable experiences for your children.

For some children however, a learning routine may be exactly what they need to help them to cope. They might thrive on structure and routine. They might be bored or anxious about not learning. They might be desperate to feel connected to their class mates or teachers. They might love learning online and fly through tasks, therefore the tasks set is exactly what they need to help them through this period, so for you, we will keep them coming.

Your child might be both of these types of children: most children are! Feel confident to follow their lead and use your gut instinct. You won’t go far wrong. Don’t worry about their academic progress. All of the above will help them.

Remember, every child is in the same boat at the moment. They will all be ok. When we get back to school, after celebrating being back together again, we will pick up from where we left off and meet your child’s needs like we always do. That’s our job!

So, use the learning resources – or don’t. Or anything in between. Try to have fun spending time together. Your child’s emotional and mental wellbeing – and yours – is far more important than anything else. How they felt during this time will stay with them for the rest of their lives, far longer than any worksheet or online learning task.

Covid-19 provision

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff, many of whom are still coming into school daily to provide a safe and happy environment for the children whose parents are key workers. We received a letter of thanks from Rt Hon Gavin Williamson MP (the education secretary) yesterday, in recognition of all the efforts that went in to put this provision in place, we’re really proud of you all.

Showbie and Tapestry

Please keep an eye out on Showbie (Year 1-6) and Tapestry (Pre-School-Rec) as your child’s teachers will be continually searching for fun and exciting activities for your children to enjoy. They may post links to websites, challenges to have a go at or pictures of things that they’re up to. It’s important that your child knows that their teachers are still there for them, thinking of them and will answer any questions that they have. Please keep uploading things you have been doing too, we really love seeing all of the different things you are all up to.


You may have heard or seen that people up and down the country have been creating rainbows to place in their windows. This is to help reassure people, whilst spreading a message of hope and showing a wonderful sense of community. 

The Pre – School children took part in this as one of their tasks to complete at home this week. They have been very busy creating beautiful, bright rainbows!

Here is just a small selection of some of the rainbows they have made at home. It has really made us smile and we hope it makes you smile too! Well done Pre-Schoolers we are incredibly proud of you all!

‘My Lighthouse’ challenge

We set a challenge yesterday, and that was to ask your child, if they wanted to, sing all or part of one of our favourite collective worship songs, ‘My Lighthouse.’ I’ve had some amazing responses (I apologise for my terrible singing). Please keep them coming, over the next week, we will put these together to re-create the song and then share it with you all, this will allow you children to see some familiar faces and keep our community spirit alive.

Letters to Authors

I want also say a huge well done to some of the children in Y6, who were given a challenge to write a book review for the last book they read. Miss Davis then sent these off to the authors of the books, some of which have responded. Well done year 6 and thank you Miss Davis. We were really proud to read these responses.


We hope you manage to have a relaxing Easter, the teachers won’t be setting any activities, but may pop up with a challenge or two. Remember to try and go out for your one bit of daily exercise allowed, or failing that, take part in the P.E. with Joe Wicks, we’re loving that to start our day!

We miss you all and are really looking forward to seeing you all soon. 

 Take Care

           Mr T Rylatt                                                                                                 Miss C Black

     Acting Headteacher                                                                               Acting Headteacher

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