Year 6… Survival Week

This week, we have been learning survival skills, many of which would have been used in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

On Monday, pupils located a mysterious rucksack in class. Once we peeked inside, we soon realised it belonged to Bear Grylls himself! We began to look through the bag and discussed, in detail, the equipment he had packed and why it would be useful in harsh conditions. The children then used their knowledge of the Stone Age-Iron Age period to pack a survival kit for 3000 years ago!

Tuesday, pupils learnt how to survive a bear attack. We learnt the difference between an aggressive bear and a defensive bear and how to tackle both of these situations. The children produced some incredible posters, highlighting the key points.

In the afternoon, we also learnt about how to make water clean enough to drink by creating a filter- a necessary skill! Mr Rylatt offered to drink the cleanest. The winning group did manage to filter out the soil, twigs, dead insects and leaves; we think Mr Rylatt enjoyed his brown drink!

Today, pupils enjoyed learning about how to build a campfire, create a fire and extinguish it. Many pupils had the opportunity to use flint and steel to generate a spark and light some cotton. To finish off our outdoor afternoon session, we toasted marshmallows and had enjoyed drinking hot chocolate!