Covid-19 update

Dear parents/carers,

We hope you are all managing to enjoy the weekend, despite the poor weather and the ongoing COVID-19 concerns.
As you are aware, there is no planned closure of schools at the moment.
However, some very clear advice has been issued:
If your child shows any potential symptoms (prolonged cough and/or high temperature), they are to stay at home for SEVEN days. If in doubt, please call 111 for clarification, but do not visit your GP.
Within school, we do think we need to make a couple of changes to our ‘normal’ school day as a precautionary measure, starting tomorrow.
These will include:
* Cleaning team to focus on cleaning toilets, door handles, door panels and interactive TV’s.
* Continued increase in frequency of checking soap levels in all toilets.
* Continued reminders for children to wash their hands – especially after visiting the toilet, after going outside or before eating.
* Reminders issued to ensure that children put any tissues used straight into the bin, or better still, flush them away.
* Children will also be allowed to bring in their own hand sanitizers, however it is vital they do not share them with others.
There may also be implications for our classes too, due to the possibility of members of staff needing to self isolate for seven days. This could lead to a shortage of teachers, teaching partners, cooks, office staff, cleaners, ground staff or lunchtime supervisors, but we will inform all parents of any changes made.
We will also continue to closely monitor Government directives, which we will share with all parents, and over the next few days we may need to postpone our up and coming parents’ evenings as this will result in hundreds of people within a fairly confined space and has the potential for hundreds of adults bringing in additional germs. We will keep you updated as the week progresses.
Whilst these measures will have an impact, I hope you understand that we are taking them to delay the spread of the virus and I hope that you support and understand why we have to do this.
Kind regards
Mr Rylatt & Miss Black
Acting Headteachers