A fantastic first week back!

Maps, maps and more maps! The children have shown great fascination with maps and talking about their town and where they live. They have explored this by looking at maps and imagining where they might lead, talking about familiar places and creating their own maps. They also showed great interest in the map of the …

Year 6 are estate agents

This week, we were asked by Daniel- a local estate agent- to assist him with selling a historic hut in Skara Brae, Scotland. He has asked us to produce a selling toolkit and the best will used by his company to advertise the newly-listed property!

As part of the toolkit, he explained estate agents create posters for their shop’s windows that highlight key features of the property and its surroundings. We have worked incredibly hard this week, learning the skills and language that estate agents use.

Here are a few examples of our posters:

Year 5 enjoy secondary school taster day

On Thursday this week, Year 5 enjoyed a taster day at Tewkesbury Comprehensive school. They took part in science lessons in one of the labs where they used the Bunsen burner. They also visited Maths, History and English lessons as well as exploring the canteen and sports facilities. Thank you for Tewkesbury School for organising.

Superhero Celebration Day!

To end our spectacular superhero topic we came to school dressed as superheroes!

We took part in a range of superhero activities and challenges which started the moment we arrived at school.

We had to climb through the spider web to gain entrance and scan our handprint to get through the door! We made superhero healthy fruit skewers, created our own superhero stories and solved different number challenges to unlock the trapped superheroes!

We all had a SUPER day in Reception!

Stay and Play!

This week the children welcomed their parents in for the start of the morning to take part in a range of different phonics activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing games and taking part in activities whilst immersed in reading and writing sounds, letters and words. It was wonderful to see so many parents over the week having fun with …

A musical afternoon at Tewkesbury Day Centre!

This week Pre-School went to visit the Day Centre to join them for a wonderful afternoon of music! A musician called Wolfren visited the Day Centre for a special musical afternoon and Pre – School were invited to join in. The children showed excellent listening skills and behaved beautifully as they joined in with the songs and …

Our Celebration Assembly this week…

Take a look at our wonderful superstars this week chosen by their teachers! And… congratulations to the children who achieved their DoodleMaths targets! We also had another reason to celebrate on Friday with a very special guest… Betty our wonderful lollipop lady who has recently celebrated 45 years of service. Our chair of governors, Lisa …

Year 6 experience painting 30,000 years ago!

This afternoon, Year 6 were introduced to cave paintings. After reading the story ‘The First Drawing’, we had a virtual tour of the Lascaux Caves in Southern France where the oldest cave paintings (30,000 years old) can be found.

This got us thinking…what did the Stone Age civilisation use to make their marks and drawings? We were pretty sure poster paint didn’t exist tens of thousands of years ago!

After much discussion, we identified we would need soils and muds to mix into a paste with animal fat (lard) or water. After creating our ‘paint’, we attempted to paint with it! A fun (if not a little smelly!) afternoon was had by all!

We won’t be forgetting how Stone Age people created paint!