Year 2 are … Artists!

Year 2 were extremely busy before the end of half term being Artists, focussing on the beautiful work of William Morris. William Morris’ designs were extremely popular during the Victorian Era and are still well-known today. The children created 3 pieces of art (decorative tile, wallpaper and a clay sculpture) to display in their very own art gallery. The art gallery took place on Thursday 24th October and was a huge success! Both the children and staff want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all that came and for your generous donations. A total of £75 was raised!  Below is a recount written by a child in Year 2 which explains the stages and skills the children had to develop in order to create their masterpieces.

Dear Parents,

Year 2 have been very busy creating William Morris art for our gallery. First we enjoyed making tiles which were based on William Morris designs. We used our colouring skills to make sure it looked neat. We were only allowed to use four colours.

Next we enjoyed making wallpaper using an old-fashioned shape stamp. My stamp was a leaf because William Morris liked people to think they were always in the garden.

Finally we made our clay sculpture in the shape of an apple, pear or a strawberry. We used our hands to make sure the shape was realistic and covered them in glue to make them nice and shiny. My favourite part was the clay because I have never done it before and it was slimy. We hope you enjoy the art gallery!