Year 4 – We are Engineers!

This week, year 4 have been making shadufs. Children planned, prepared materials and assembled all components to make these hand-operated water lifting devices used by the Ancient Egyptians. The children especially enjoyed using a hack saw to cut their own wood! Although faced with some challenges during the build, the children were able to persevere and create working models. After some careful reflection, children talked about what they thought went well and what they could change next time in order to enhance the quality of their builds.

Year 4 Team

Year 5’s Great Greek Experience!

Last Wednesday, Year 5 pupils at Tewkesbury C of E Primary school were visited by an actor from the company ‘Portals to the Past’ who helped bring their ‘It’s all Greek to me’ Theme to life. Once the pupils arrived, they were whisked into the hall – and 3000 years into the past –  to be greeted by a Greek soldier, who promptly set them a series of challenges which supported pupils learning and quenched their thirst for knowledge of ancient Greece. Year 5 were given the opportunity to wield sword and shield, play greek games, take part in a greek quiz and battle reenactment!

Archeologist visit!

This week, year 4 had a visit from a real-life archaeologist. Children were fascinated as she talked about her experiences in this role. Armed with a wide range of prepared questions, children took notes and quizzed our visitor about all aspects of archaeology. Children found out about what happens on a ‘dig’, how sites are chosen, what tools are used and how artefacts are studied to find out more about the past. It was an incredibly interesting afternoon which left many children, quite literally, wanting to become archaeologists!


Year 6 lead the Remembrance Assembly

This morning, at 10.45am, Year 6 led the Remembrance Assembly before to the 2 minute silence at 11am. The pupils sang, ‘Keep the home fires burning’, read poems they’d written and called out a roll of honour to commemorate the fallen soldiers from Tewkesbury. The pupils showed the utmost respect -Mr Shaw and Miss Davis were incredibly proud of the them and how they conducted themselves.


Our first week back in Pre – School!

The children arrived back in Pre – School excited and eager to talk about their experiences of Bonfire night and the fireworks they saw. Following this interest we explored fireworks in lots of different ways! We looked at a variety of firework photographs and talked about the colours, patterns and sounds we could see. We explored lots of …

Football Champions

Congratulations to the Boys Football Team for a terrific display of skill and sportsmanship! As reigning champions, the bar was set high for the boys entering this tournament but they powered through and won every match, without conceding a single goal! Great work boys! Now on to the County Finals!

Wembley Stadium – Texans vs Jags

Last weekend we had the great privilege and opportunity to be invited down to Wembley stadium by the NFL. We were given exclusive access behind the scenes and were given the duty of being flag bearers during the opening ceremony, national anthem and the coin toss. The atmosphere was truly spectacular and all the children represented our school brilliantly!

Year 2 are … Artists!

Year 2 were extremely busy before the end of half term being Artists, focussing on the beautiful work of William Morris. William Morris’ designs were extremely popular during the Victorian Era and are still well-known today. The children created 3 pieces of art (decorative tile, wallpaper and a clay sculpture) to display in their very own art gallery. The art gallery took place on Thursday 24th October and was a huge success! Both the children and staff want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all that came and for your generous donations. A total of £75 was raised!  Below is a recount written by a child in Year 2 which explains the stages and skills the children had to develop in order to create their masterpieces.

Dear Parents,

Year 2 have been very busy creating William Morris art for our gallery. First we enjoyed making tiles which were based on William Morris designs. We used our colouring skills to make sure it looked neat. We were only allowed to use four colours.

Next we enjoyed making wallpaper using an old-fashioned shape stamp. My stamp was a leaf because William Morris liked people to think they were always in the garden.

Finally we made our clay sculpture in the shape of an apple, pear or a strawberry. We used our hands to make sure the shape was realistic and covered them in glue to make them nice and shiny. My favourite part was the clay because I have never done it before and it was slimy. We hope you enjoy the art gallery!