Year One learn about Mary Anning

Year one received a letter from the library.

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To be able to do this we decided that we needed to become historians to carry out our research.

We  made an information book for the library to show everything we have found out about Mary Anning and why it is important to remember her work as a palaeontologist.


We then visited the library to see our book on the shelves. We found it in the dinosaur section on the non-fiction shelf!



Rachel at the library greeted us and showed us around the library, explaining the difference between the fiction and non-fiction sections.

We had a wonderful time looking through the books, sharing some stories and making fossil jewellery, just like Mary Anning was given from her father when she was a child.




Thank you to Rachel and the library for allowing us to visit and for letting us demonstrate everything we have learnt about the paleontologist Mary Anning .

We have learnt a lot about her life and our very proud of the book we created!

Our book is available to look at in Tewkesbury Library now.