Autumn all around us!

Over the last couple of weeks the children have noticed the changes in the environment around them. They have been talking about the leaves falling off the trees, the different colours and textures they could feel.  They wanted to explore leaf printing and used the paints to do this. They painted the leaves and then printed them on the large paper. The prints were wonderful and all different shapes and sizes showing the features of the leaves. The children enjoyed talking to each other about the prints they had made and what they could see.

The children have also been looking at numbers. They have been counting leaves to match to a numeral. They have shown very good counting skills and remembered to count slowly and carefully.

In their play children have been busy playing together using their imagination. They have used the construction equipment to build and role play. They have been using their gross motor skills with the large hoops outside and throwing them onto the cones. Some children have been exploring the sensory room and the different lights, colours and reflections they experience in there. It makes them feel very calm!