Year one become Palaeontologists!

Today Year 1 enjoyed all things dinosaur related!

We arrived to school dressed as palaeontologists and enjoyed looking at the different accessories everyone had brought in to compliment their outfits! From magnifying glasses to torches, binoculars to compasses. The children definitely looked the part!


We then started the day with a dinosaur word hunt, finding hidden dinosaurs all around the classroom. Whilst we were busy searching, Mrs Scott came down to tell us that she had noticed something strange in the welly boot area and wondered if we could go and find out what it was.

This news caused lots of excitement and interest that we decided to investigate it straight away!

We set off and couldn’t believe our eyes! Sprawled across the welly boot area were lots of bones and pieces of scaly skin!




We soon realised it was the body of a T-rex!

We took photographs of the evidence using the iPads and then brought the dinosaur skeleton back inside and talked about the pieces we could identify to piece the T-Rex back together!


It was a very tricky job and we had to call on Mr James to help us construct the T-Rex. He did a marvellous job!



The rest of the day was spent making salt dough dinosaur fossils and skeleton pictures as well as lots of other dinosaur related fun!



We had an T-riffic day!