A Day at a Victorian School…

On Friday, Year 2 went back in time to the Victorian era. The classrooms were transformed to resemble a Victorian school and the teachers and pupils dressed up for the occasion. In the Victorian times, boys and girls were made to line up and enter school in separate entrances. They also had to pay a penny a day for their education, so poor children could not afford to go to school. Throughout the day we completed activities such as reciting the alphabet and writing numbers to 100 on our chalk boards. We also completed a nature study and learnt more about Queen Victoria. The pupils were surprised at how strict the rules were in Victorian schools and we all agreed that we would prefer to be a pupil now. Did you know…

  • The school day usually began with prayers
  • Morning lessons began at 9:00am until 12:00. Children often went home for their lunchtime meal and then returned for afternoon classes from 2pm-5pm.
  • If pupils were unable to answer a question, they were made to sit in the corner and wear a dunces’ hat. This was to show everyone else that they were ‘dumb’.
  • If pupils were rude or misbehaved, they were to receive the cane. This was a large stick that would strike them across the hand or back of the legs.
  • If pupils wished to answer a question, they had to stand up and wait for permission to speak. If they called out, they would be punished.
  • Students had to stand every time an adult entered the room.


All the children and teachers had a great day and we were amazed at how wonderful they looked in their outfits. Thank you for all your efforts!

Miss Withers and Miss Cheal