Year 2 are… Historians!


This week, Year 2 have launched their  ‘Rags, Riches and Royalty’ topic which is based on the Victorian era. On Tuesday, they discovered a letter from the local library asking the children to create a historical fact book on the Victorians, due to the many complaints they had been receiving. The children were given four questions to answer to ensure that their book was exactly what the library wanted. To kick start our research, the children had to turn into archaeologists for the afternoon and dig for clues and guess who the artefacts and pictures belonged to. The children did amazingly well and surprised Miss Cheal and Miss Withers on how much they already knew. After piecing together a family tree, closely examining a silver coin and studying a crumpled picture, the children correctly guessed that ‘Site 1’ was all about Queen Victoria. The children were rather excited about this site so decided that Queen Victoria was the first person they wanted to learn about.

Did you know Queen Victoria was only 18 years old when she became queen?

Did you know she only wore black after her husband’s death?

Can your child tell you anymore facts about Queen Victoria?